Are you looking for Primewire Alternatives? Well, If you are an avid lover of music, movies and other types of videos, mostly you are watching through some online video streaming websites. If you are watching them free, then Primewire is your one of the sources to watch them till now, but of late it is not performing that better and one need to find some alternatives of the website to view the streaming videos. The internet is flooded with thousands of only video streaming websites, but not all are best and provide all sorts of videos that you may like to watch. So, to carry on the entertainment, you a can try the top 10 best Primeware alternatives that can keep you glued to the screen enjoying the videos of your choice.

Top 10 Best Primewire Alternatives

Top 10 Best Primewire Alternatives

With millions of people watching streaming videos, some of the sites are wonderful to watch them and can be in the league of top 10 substitutes of Primwwire. One can enjoy watching videos in them and shall not miss any of your favorite shows.

1) Putlocker

This is one of the leading websites that has a library of vast collections of movies. One can watch their favorite shows, and the streaming is quite fast. The film can be searched, and the library can be accessed in the genre type, added recently or the year of production. It is effortless to use ad while watching the videos one can move the mouse over it to get many information of them that may be unknown to you. You can view many HD videos on Putlocker.

2) Niter

This is another substitute for watching streaming videos that have a huge collection in its library. As soon as you open the website, it will give the list of all the latest movies that have been added to their site. One can read the synopsis of the film before watching it and can also view the trailer as well as official IMDB rating. The interface in Niter is simple, and one can surf the website with ease. The site is run by the revenues it earns from the advertisements similar to Primewire.

3) Yify

If one is looking for the latest released movies then Yify is the best without any doubts in mind. Their collections are updated on a regular basis and the new movies that have been released are displayed at the beginning. One needs to download the videos on their devices and then watch rather than streaming and watching. You can download the moves and watch them in your free time. It is one of the advantages of the website.

4) 123Movies

This is another one of the popular alternatives of Primewire that streams many types of media. The website is very user-friendly having a modern layout yet simple in operation. The site has an extensive collection of videos and one can search for them using the exact name, keywords or even the name of the country where it is produced. It also has a vast collection of TV shows and soap operas. The site prompts the official rating of the IMDB. One can sign in with their email id to get the latest information of movies that are added and can also share one’s personal choices to friends and acquaintances in the social media.


Though the site has a conservative interface, yet it has found a place in the list of top 10 best Primeware alternatives as one can watch high-quality movies navigating in the website following simple instructions. Many external links are provided so that in case of any failure of watching, one can click those links and continue enjoyment. Movies can be downloaded in a single click, and there are many formats to choose from. Another advantage of the site is that there is almost zero advertisement which is very rare in other locations. It is elegant and with each passing day, the popularity of the website is increasing in multiples.

6) Afdah

This is another website in which one can find huge collections of movies and shows and can be streamed to watch comfortably. The selections are arranged in 27 genres that allow searching the movies with ease, but one can search videos by the names of the actors as well as the directors. One can search the site by the language of the movies too that many other websites do not have. Their user support service is very prompt and excellent, and on reporting of any broken links, the operators fix it without delay. It is very safe and reliable site for watching streaming videos and is gaining popularity daily.

7) Popcorn Time

As the name suggests, this website is very crispy though searching the movies is a bit complicated. However, if you consider the interface, it is one of the best primewire alternative, and one can use many filters apart from the genre to search the movies and watch. They can be watched through the browser as well as downloading the app. One can choose the quality of the film before starting the streaming. The website allows saving and bookmarking the favorite movies.

8) Vumo

This website allows you to watch the movies if you exactly know the title. This is a serious website for avid movie watchers who know what they want to see. Their movie collection is very enviable, and the total number is enormous. One can watch the entire episodes of any soap opera or serials in them.

9) SnagFilms

This streaming site enables one to watch films that are stacked into similar collections. They do not store the movie as per the genre but save them as per themes. The site can be linked with the social media, and one can share the film with friends and relatives.

10) TinklePad

It is one of the most uncomplicated streaming websites and best Primewire alternative that share databases with two other sites to let you watch the streaming videos. They have a decent collection of moves and allow downloading them. If something is not on their rack, one can put a request, and the operators try to include the particular movie one demanded.


The top 10 best Primewire alternatives can be used to watch the favorite shows and movies so that the boredom of free time can be overcome. These 10 alternatives are really enjoyable and very satisfying.