Mumbai is a place where you can roam around all day and night and yet you’ll never feel board. Yes this city is always open and welcomes you. You are hungry at night you’ll find great places to eat that are open or want to have couple of drinks with friends, this city never sleeps. You will see people moving from one place to another either going home or trying to reach office. Today we have A pictorial journey of Nightlife in Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. List of some awesome places that are always open, even Mumbaikars love the amazing nightlife in Mumbai, the city that never sleeps.

1) Marine Drive

marine drive mumbai photos

This is the most famous place to hangout amongst youngster, you will find people here always 24*7 chilling near the sea. You will also find some delicious food stalls around marine drive which will keep your mouth busy.

2) Night clubs In Mumbai For Those Who Love Partying Absolutely And Unconditionally

club royalty mumbai nightclub

Nightclubs in Mumbai are a combination of Drinks, Dance and Mumbai. If you want to party till late then you should visit Trilogy NightClub, Club Royalt, Club Escape and many more.

3) Bandra-Worli sealink

Bandra–Worli Sea Link mumbai

Bandra Worli Sealink in Mumbai is a photographer’s delight, you will find photographers clicking pictures when ever they pass form here. You can just travel from once side of the sealink to the other to get the feel of cool wind or visit bandra band stand from their.

4) Juhu beach

juhu beach mumbai

If you don’t mind the crowd then Juhu Beach is the best place to enjoy sunset with friends and family. This beach is crowded all day 24*7.

5) Gateway Of India

gateway of india mumbai

This place is most popular in Mumbai. Hotel Taj is located exact opposite of Gate Way Of India. You will find people hanging out at this place and enjoying the beautiful vie of sea.

6) Kalbadevi, CST

Kalbadevi, CST

Kalbadevi is one of the busiest streets in Mumbai at night and you will find people here even at night. Here restaurants are also open here 24*7 as you will find a lot of working crowd here.

7) Mumbai CST station

A pictorial journey of Nightlife in Mumbai, the city that never sleeps

Mumbai CST station and local trains are lifeline of all Mumbaikars. Even during late night you will find people travelling by train to reach home.

We have fallen in love with Mumbai the city that never sleeps, Have you ?