Passport rejection can take place due to a lot of reasons. Some of them are misleading information about the passenger or incomplete details etc. If you have a surname that falls into the category of offensive surnames, in that case, the passport authorities can reject your passport application as well. This has happened recently in the year 2019.

A few years back, a man changed his surname and got himself into trouble because of the unique surname he chose to have. The name of the guy was Kenny before he changed this to Kennard in 2016 and with this new name of his, he also obtained a driver’s license successfully.

In the year 2019, his passport expired and he submitted an application where he requested the passport office to renew the passport. Seems like the passport authorities were not much interested in doing so because they found the surname offensive to the country and rejected the application without any second thought.

Kenny belongs to Bude which is in Cornwall. He filed a passport renewal application in the HM Passport Office 3 times but every time the application got rejected.

When sources interviewed Kenny about changing his surname and getting a driver’s license he said that he was not aware that this would cause a problem for him on the passport. He also filed a complaint to take a stand that his surname is not offensive.

But as per the passport authorities, told him that the surname he had represented sexual references, disrespectful, vulgar, and much more and that was the main reason behind rejecting the passport application.

Let us know what you think about this incident, and the next time you go for passport renewal,  make sure you have everything correctly filled in the form so you don’t face any kind of unnecessary challenges.