If you ever visited Kashmir, then you might have got this one divine thought. “How will it be to have a House in Kashmir?” Due to Article 370 and Article 35A, it was impossible for an Indian Citizen to buy property in Kashmir. However, the government scrapping these laws and transforming Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh into Union Territories have made it possible for you.

What are the perks of having Land in Kashmir?

Now, you can proudly own a property in Kashmir and flaunt it among your friends. Not only for personal pleasure but buying Land in Kashmir can provide you with massive returns. It is a land rich and well-known for the production of Saffron, Apples and many such yields.

Besides that, being a tourist destination, this place is always welcoming tourists. You can have a small happening hotel where you can welcome tourists with your specialized Cuisines?

What will be the benefit to Kashmiri People if you own Property in Kashmir?

As per the earlier Article 370, a Kashmiri wasn’t able to transfer the ownership of a Property to a non-Kashmiri. Due to this, the rate of property in Kashmir was pretty much lower when comparing it with other parts of India.

However, revoking Article 370 will make the property rates go much higher, almost by 50%. This will increase the cash flow in the state which in turn will improve their economy. Apart from that, revoking these articles will also open the door for Hotel Chains to start their business operations in Kashmir.

This will not only benefit the tourists but will also provide employment opportunities to Kashmiri Youth. Hence, their standard of living will increase and will also reduce the issue of terrorism in the state.

They are picking up guns not because they’re against India, but because they weren’t able to feed their families.

But not anymore, now there will be enough employment opportunities in Kashmir! Besides that, there will be other major industrial developments which can empower and prosper the state.

The cheapest way to buy Land!

We will recommend you to reach Kashmir directly in the area where you want the property. If you will wait, higher possibilities are there that you wouldn’t get the desired land or the prices may slash!

There is a heavy rush for buying property in Kashmir. Some people were also ready since ages with their business plans for Kashmir. If you want to buy at low rates, it’s now time for action. All the best.