In the last few years, people have been intensely debating whether or not lab-grown or diamond stimulants are worth buying instead of opting for a natural diamond extracted by mining. This issue is especially confusing to people who are looking to buy the best engagement ring possible. If you have ever been in this situation, you have surely asked yourself if you should go for a natural one or for an artificial diamond.

Nexus Diamonds

Diamond Nexus Labs has always been in the center of these intense debates. While their products are an excellent choice for people who do not want or can’t afford to buy a natural diamond because they are significantly cheaper and look exactly like their natural counterparts, the company has a reputation of offering scarce details about their production process and standards.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to present the facts that we know so far and help you make a decision. Let us delve deeper into the pros and cons of nexus diamonds and what you, as a consumer, can expect from their products.

General Facts About the Company and Their Line of Products

Diamond Nexus Labs was founded in 2004 by businessman Gary LaCourt. The reason why he founded this company, which eventually became the firm’s business policy, was the desire to provide consumers with valuable, authentic, and much cheaper alternatives to real diamonds.

The alternative pushed by the company was selling cubic zirconia. Eventually, their business model led to the creation of a niche formed by people who could not afford natural diamonds obtained through mining but were looking for a product that replicated the feel and looks of a real diamond. Since its conception, Diamond Nexus rose through the ranks and eventually became the biggest seller of diamond stimulants worldwide.

Naturally, the company’s newfound success has attracted the attention of many diamond experts who vehemently dispute the ‘’authenticity’’ and the real value of their products. On top of all that, the company’s elusiveness regarding their production methods and denial that their products are made out of pure zirconia did nothing to calm the disputes. Another fact that might seem sketchy to certain skeptics is that the company markets their products as being ‘’ diamonds’’, without providing sufficient background information to consumers.

Furthermore, some people might confuse synthetic diamonds with cubic zirconia derivatives, which is what Diamond Nexus mainly sells. While synthetic diamonds and natural, mined diamonds are almost indistinguishable from a chemical, structural and geological perspective, diamond stimulants – moissanite, CZ, cubic zirconia, and so on and so forth – look like real diamonds, but have absolutely nothing in common from a chemical point of view with mined and even man-made diamonds. Regardless of the scale at which they use these compounds, there is one thing that nobody can dispute: their business success.

Diamond Nexus Products Positives

Now that we have covered all the technical and ethical aspects, it is time to talk about their actual products. The first, and most obvious, positive aspect is that they deliver on the company’s main selling point – on the surface, they look exactly like real diamonds. From a manufacturing point of view, the zirconia that they use is of the highest quality possible. Furthermore, similar to synthetic diamonds, the real value sits on the quality of the cut – which we are happy to report that in this case, it is outstanding.

The positives about Nexus Diamonds go beyond the physical characteristics of their jewelry products. The package includes a lifetime guarantee and warranty that the diamond will not suffer any physical damages such as chipping, scratching or loss of color and shininess. Furthermore, the company ensures clients that any jewelry item that suffers damages or is lost will be replaced with no additional costs. This service is offered only if no other jeweler has worked or made any modifications to the original item.

Finally, in terms of color, while most of the diamonds in their line are white, there is also the option of choosing a rose, emerald, and various other colors. Another useful service that the company provides is sizing and shape, from the standard round cut, oval to pear.


The bottom line, whether or not Diamond Nexus products are worth purchasing is entirely up to the consumer. While their diamonds are not chemically similar to the ones found in mines and even to those that are produced in the laboratory, they are nonetheless excellent alternatives for both people who can’t afford anything else or are simply not comfortable with spending high amounts of money on jewelry items. In other words, if you are in the market for a diamond, you should definitely give Diamond Nexus’s line of jewelry a chance.