What if someone tells you to give up your favorite food from tomorrow for the next two years of life? 70 Percent of us won’t be able to stay without the delicacies like Cheese Pizza, Tikki Burgers, and Butter Chicken. Our generation has a different and unhealthy lifestyle altogether which creates problems with obesity and fitness issues.

But there is a man from Vadodara (Gujarat) who pledged the most difficult challenge of his life. The challenge of losing weight. Not 5 kgs, not 10 kgs not 30 kgs. He lost a mammoth of 72 Kgs of his weight. We met Mr. Naynesh Chainani and here are some interesting facts about his journey of impossible-looking weight loss.

The Story Of Naynesh Chainani From 136 Kgs to 64 Kgs Now

naynesh chainani body transformation and workout

Naynesh Chainani weight transform journey

naynesh chainani workout

How did you gain so much weight in the first place?

I come from a Hindu Sindhi family. We Sindhi’s always crave for delicious Indian Food and so I was always under the influence of fatty foods. My basic diet consisted of only unhealthy fats like Ghee, Butter, Oil, Cheese and other unsaturated fats that contribute to nothing but the accumulation of body fat. The next thing was I had a very lazy lifestyle. I used to work at my dad’s office and that meant the desk job. So, I had no physical activity from morning till evening late.

Gradually time passed and the weight kept increasing and went unnoticed.

What problems did you face being an extremely overweight person?

naynesh chainani weight loss story

Gradually I started to lose self-confidence. I was not able to play outdoors like others. When I started my college life, I used to be an introvert student because of the shame of being overweight.

What made you start the most difficult journey of weight loss?

It was a day In 2014 I weighed 300 lbs. I got so much ashamed and depressed looking at the weighing scale. Not only me, but even my parents were ashamed of myself. Who likes to be one of the fattest persons in the entire community? But things just shook me when I was not allowed to attend my cousin’s wedding due to my excessive shameful body weight. It hurt me so much that on that day, I finally decided to start this journey.

Naynesh Chaninani

Once Naynesh was not allowed to attend family gatherings & Wedding function but now you can see in the above picture, Naynesh Chainani is having a great time with his group all ready to attend his friend’s wedding where most of the people ask him just one question. How did you do it (Loose weight)?  He softly replies, Workout hard and follows a proper diet.

Did You follow a sudden strict diet or you started gradually?

No! Sudden Dieting doesn’t help. I started gradually by stopping the consumption of food that has a large amount of fat. I stopped taking junk food and fatty foods. Slowly I worked upon the meal timing and total calorie consumption plans.

I would avoid having any solid meals two hours before my bedtime and made sure that all calorie-dense foods were consumed in the morning to leave me feeling satisfied all day. I only ate carb-heavy or rich in fat food before working out so that I had enough energy to exercise and my post-workout meals were high in protein and fiber. I would eat 7 to 8 times a day with lesser calories and a more satisfying plan.

Any Cheat Days? Or only strict and rigid diet plan?

A total rigid diet plan only works for a short term plan. If you want to have long-lasting dietary solutions, you need to have a day’s break. Sundays were my compulsory cheat days! Bodies need a shock once a week or they get too used to your diet. So, on Sundays, I would eat almost everything that I craved the entire week. I used to make a list of things I craved for the entire week. This way I fulfilled all of my food cravings and in return, it gave me something to look forward to, so automatically got motivated for the next entire week.

Also having grass fed whey protein every day helps in maintaining the diet and it good for people who do heavy weight lifting and training at the gy.

What was the workout plan you followed initially?

Well, for the weight loss, initially I started taking small baby steps. A 40-minute walk daily was the first stage of my journey. Generally, you lose more amount of chunk in the starting when you do the cardio work.  I joined the gym once I felt like I’d developed some stamina – I started with an hour of Cycling or jogging every day and half an hour of hardcore circuit training. Gradually I started focusing also on weight lifting and similar workouts.

Checkout in the below video how Naynesh chainani workout’s with dedication at the gym. If this does not motivate you, then nothing will.

Biggest Challenge?

Once you have lost the first chunk of hard Fat, the Fat loss program slowers down enough to demotivate you. But you need to have patience in order to achieve the target.

What tips shall you want to give to the people who are fighting the same problem of weight gain?

naynesh chainani weight loss of 76kg story

Well, if I can lose so much amount of weight slowly and steadily, you can definitely lose it too. Control and patience are the key elements in this fight. Have a goal and you can definitely win against all the odds.

My mantras were:

  • Want lasting results? Go slow
  • Increase your pace! Every week
  • Increase your intensity! Every week
  • Increase your active minutes! Every week
  • Increase your restrictions on unhealthy food! Every week.

We hope the story of Naynesh Chainani has inspired you a bit. It is hight time if you are not keeping yourself fit and fine. Just go hit the gym and we are sure you will regain that confidence which you were missing in your life.

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