Dolls are one such toy which turns out to be the very first friends children have. Girls do name them, also dress them up and carry them almost everywhere. Turns out they are at least the less intimidating thing of all. Right?

We are wrong though. Horror movies such as Annabelle and The Conjuring, are well aware of how horrifying inanimate dolls can be. But, dolls aren’t just scary in films, they are scary in reality too. Much can happen, there have been plenty of cases in the past of dolls that turned out evil! Few people have been prey to dolls possessed by evil spirits, the horror tales may as well give you sleepless nights.

Almost all of us are aware of Annabelle’s possessed doll, whose story started with the Conjuring movie. But quite a few know the real-life possessed doll, Robert the Doll, which is labelled as the world’s most haunted doll. The doll is said to have caused several incidents, starting from car accidents to divorces.

As per the reports, back in 1904, a boy supposedly identified as Robert Eugene Otto was presented. Post a few days, he reported that the toy would knock furniture over at the time of night. This 116-year-old straw doll is haunted by a dangerous spirit to this day. When Eugene grew up, he left the house leaving Robert behind.

Robert The Doll, World's Most Haunted Doll


But as of today, Robert the doll supposedly breaks people’s bones resulting in their cars crashing, and the doll continues to be a spooky figure for all who come across him. According to the rumours, the staff every day receives letters of apology written to Robert by those who behaved rudely around him. There exists quite a several stories regarding the origins of this haunted doll, Robert the Doll. Some assert that the doll was a gift from Gene’s grandfather, who purchased the life-size toy while travelling to Germany.

Robert The Doll, World's Most Haunted Doll

Differently, locals claim in all together backstory. They assert that the straw-filled haunted doll was presented to young Otto by one of the family’s maids. This haunted doll named Robert is quite popular for being a little more than horror, but initially, it looked a little bit more innocent like any other childhood friendship between a boy and his toy.

It is said that Gene took Robert almost every place with him, even when the Robert doll was practically a bit large for a boy of his age.

Past few years, the Robert the doll incident turns out more spooky and more haunting. Gene’s life and other people began to observe that something about the doll wasn’t correct. Few stories assert that servants of the Otto household heard Gene speaking in two different voices in his room, alone. A few nights, Gene would wake up screaming and crying. Also, within the home, the doll supposedly moved by itself all over the house. People also assert that the expression on the doll’s face would transform while eavesdropping on the conversation happening in the room.

Robert The Doll, World's Most Haunted Doll

Although had a such strange experience with the doll all through his childhood, the Robert doll was also a part of Gene’s life post he got married, and Gene’s wife hated the doll. Even post the death of Gene and his wife, the story of the Robert doll continues. The Otto home was purchased by Myrtle Reuter, and she was the one who looked after Robert. Many locals have asserted that they happen to hear footsteps and laugh while Reuter owned the doll.

Robert The Doll, World's Most Haunted Doll

Robert’s very new caretaker, Reuter, lived with Robert for about 20 years. After that, she donated, and as of present, he and his teddy bear are housed in a glass case at the Fort East Martello Museum, Key West, on the altogether another side of the island from the Otto home.

The Fort East Martello Museum received the Robert doll by just believing that all claims regarding this haunted doll were nothing but lies and tales. But to the shock, museum employees reported their unexplained happenings with the doll.