We often come across viral stories about Tinder some are funny, some shocking and some are outrageous. Well, chances of hearing of someone encountering a ghost on a dating app like Tinder are quite rare. Recently, an astonishing incident happened with a UK man. and it has grabbed everyone’s attention. The man from the UK shared that his deceased wife matched with him on Tinder and started a chat with him.

Derek’s, who resides in London, UK wife passed away two years ago and suddenly started a conversation with him on a dating app. This left him in a state of shock for several months, struggling to comprehend how it was even possible. Eventually, Derek gathered the courage to share his haunted story on the Ghost Hans Podcast and it quickly went viral on TikTok in no time.

On the podcast, he said, “It’s been two years since my wife Alison passed away. She succumbed to cervical cancer. But one day, I was dumbfounded to see her profile on Tinder. In one of the pictures, she was smiling and looking at me.”

Derek added, “I quickly glanced at the profile; there was no written information, but there were three pictures of my late wife that I had never seen before. I was utterly shocked.”

tinder swipe right

He went on to say, “Without a second thought, I swiped right. I held my breath for about two minutes. I couldn’t sleep for the next two days. I had never received any matches on Tinder before.”

Initially, Derek thought that it could be a prank by someone. He thought that someone might have made a fake account and used his wife’s pictures. But as soon as he received a message on Tinder at 3:33 a.m. his uncertainties washed away.

The message read a simple “Hey!” Derek swiftly replied, seeking an explanation for the situation and inquiring about the source of his wife’s photographs. However, there was no response for the subsequent 24 hours, until finally, a message arrived which read, “Are you at home? I’m standing outside. Please let me in.”

This freaked him out. “Afterwards, I heard the main door of the house close, and out of fear, I went and lay down on the bed. Then another message came: ‘You’re on Tinder too early, Derry.’ Only my wife used to call me by that name, Derry. Nobody else even knew it. After a while, I sensed someone entering the bedroom. I was so frightened that I finally said, ‘Alison, I’m sorry. I love you, and I miss you. It’s been two years, and I have to move on now,'” recalled the mourning partner.

tinder swipe right

He was sure that there was someone on the other side of the door but when he checked, there was no one. Derek then returned to the bedroom and saw that Alison’s profile had been deleted. To this day, he can’t believe how his wife appeared at that moment.