Bitdefender offers an award-winning free antivirus software that provides protection against all kinds of virus, threats, and ransomware.

Here are some of the silent features of the Bitdefender antivirus software:

  • It is very fast, like that of the speed of light
  • It is freely available
  • You can download this and get the basic protection that your device requires whether it is Windows, Android or Mac
  • It can be installed within seconds.
  • It doesn’t affect the working speed of your device while downloading and also when you are scanning and working parallel
  • It can also have a check against gaming image and video editing
  • Powerful protection
  • Bitdefender detects threats in real-time and actively monitors your Apps. If there is anything that is suspicious, you will get an alert and the intruding virus or the website is blocked immediately before it gets loaded.
  • It scans for viruses, worms, trojans and removes malware with the help of its powerful search engines

protect computer from virus

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is your true partner to be protected from various virus, threats or malware.

They are of particular help for people who are from non-IT background especially.

Having downloaded the software, your device is protected from all the potential threats.

Bitdefender also creates alerts when infected external devices are attached to your device.

The software continuously works in the background without affecting your device working speed and providing you protection from intruders without putting any extra efforts (you only need to have the software on the device).

The scans can be completed in no time and there is no lag time while doing so.

It is also helpful in providing protection against internet frauds.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition comes with anti-phishing and anti-fraud.

This antivirus helps you keep your passwords and data safe.

The software also detects the phishing websites, which seem genuine but they are actually not.

A phishing website can save your internet banking details or take other important data from your device.

This software also detects malicious websites and blocks them, thus preventing banking frauds.

Free Antivirus for Android

As we have seen, Bitdefender antivirus software supports a number of devices including PC, home connection, Mac connection and even your Android devices.

For Android devices, they come with in-the-cloud scanning technology.

The main advantage of this is that the software doesn’t drain away the battery of your Android.

This is very important as the life of any mobile phone is the battery is usually minimal for a few hours.

If the battery is getting drained frequently, then you may think of removing the software itself.

Bitdefender for Android comes with the latest technology for detection of viruses.

This Bitdefender Free Antivirus for Android is the advanced version of the product Bitdefender Mobile Security.

This application is credited to detect and disinfect 99% of the known viruses, which can affect Android devices.

Unlike other software, which downloads and stores virus signature to act on it, Bitdefender checks for the virus security updates online using in-the-cloud services.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android prevents download of suspicious applications on your Android device with the help of cloud-based threat detection and also with the security services.

Real-time threat detection doesn’t consume any extra battery and acts instantly by removing the virus threat and can even disinfect your Android device from the existing files and folders that are stored.

Bitdefender is easy to install within seconds and scans your device automatically.

It also becomes fully functional if you download any application on your Android.

The software automatically scans and if any threat is detected, it is immediately informed to the user to get rid of the application or clean the application.

Apart from the scan upon installing or downloading applications, you can also run scans as and when required just to avoid any potential virus threats.

While downloading any application, make sure that you are using a legitimate source and these are safe to be installed on your Android device.

Alerts from Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android

Here is a pictorial presentation of how the Bitdefender software indicates various points on your Android device:

In case of any threat detection, the software pops-us with the text “please run a scan”

anti virus

In case of downloading of any malicious Apps, the following message is prompted

zone anti virus

In case your device is affected by any virus, worm or Trojan, the software creates an alert to run the scan with the message “Your device is unsafe”

device unsafe antivirus

When your device is fully protected, you get the following message “Your device is safe”

Requirements of Android to support Bitdefender antivirus software

The requirements to use this amazing Bitdefender Antivirus software on your Android device are very simple.

The Android device should have a good speed active internet connection and the device must be ANDROID 2.2 or newer.

These are the only requirements that this software requires to keep your Android device fully protected from all kinds of viruses and threats.


Bitdefender is an effective antivirus software for Android that is based on in-the-cloud technology.

It scans your Android device in the background for any potential threats and malware and helps protect your device.

The software comes with anti-phishing and anti-fraud features that prevent any financial information from being leaked to the third party.

Most importantly, Bitdefender does not consume the battery of your Android.

With all these features, you can definitely say that Bitdefender is the best of all Antivirus software to protect your Android device.