Hello and welcome Meme lovers. Hope You all are doing well. As the Indian premier league dates are officially announced, Indian premier league lovers started showing their happiness and excitement through Posts and many other ways. Ipl memes are also one of them. Keeping in mind your excitement towards the league, we have created Lucknow super Giants memes.

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What a HUG!

lucknow Super Giants

Super Giants!

Lucknow Super Giants Memes


Sanjiv Goenka

Cricket Fans

Lucknow Super Giants Memes

Let me tell you, This is the fifteenth season of the Tata Indian premier league. Unlike in previous years, ten teams will compete against each other. Two more teams, which means we are going to enjoy the IPL more this year. As its name depicts, Lucknow super Giants will represent the state of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in the Indian premier league.  This new cricket franchise is owned by Sanjeev Goenka. It also consists of twenty-one players of which fourteen players are Indian and seven others. Well, The team will work under right-handed Batsman KL Rahul. It is also the reason why Lucknow super Giants memes are popping up day by day. If you are feeling zoned out or stressed, just scroll down to get the best Lucknow superGiants meme and it will make you feel good and happy bunny.

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