Work is worship! But not everyone. For some, it is just a simple 9 to 5 job and this UP man is a love example for all of this. Some people think about others whereas some only think about themselves. Once their job is done, they will leave without thinking about what will be the consequence of their actions for the other people. Everyone has a personal life but if anyone is taking responsibility then they should and must complete it too.

But why the loco pilot was not thinking about how passengers would reach their destinations? Was there some reason behind this action? Let’s see further.

The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh where the loco pilot of train number 15203 – Barauni – Lucknow Express, left the loco and went back to the Barabanki station at 04:00 PM. The reason was his shift was over.

For hours and hours, the train was stationary at the station and passengers were left wondering about what happened. Later, they raised the concern with higher authorities and requested them to arrange a new loco pilot but they failed to do so. The reaction was a protest by the passengers and when resources asked the North Eastern Railway, they passed the statement as follows:

“Upon reaching Burhwal station, the loco pilot of Train Number 15203 expressed discomfort with proceeding further. In consideration of ensuring safe and secure train operations, arrangements were promptly made for another loco pilot to take over, allowing the train to continue its journey to Lucknow safely and securely,” 

The good thing about the entire scenario is all the passengers reached their destination safely, and we hope and pray that the loco pilot is also safe and secure. The Indian Railways does not only run trains but also takes the safety responsibilities of the passengers.