Have you thought about shifting your base to Pune? Well, today we will tell you Why Living in PGs in Pune can be the worst decision ever, Pune, earlier known as Poona is the Marathi capital of the ever-flourishing state of Maharashtra. A city with the blend of the Maratha culture and the IT industry, blessed with the utopian climate and authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. It is even considered one of the best cities to live in India and if you believe everything you read on the internet, you’d probably want to move to Pune right away. But, before you do, consider the following, especially if you plan to shift into a PG in Pune.

Why Living in PGs in Pune can be the worst decision ever

The lifestyle you are looking for isn’t out there in PGs


Pune has the qualities of both Bangalore and Mumbai, but Pune also happens to have all the problems of the both cities as well. Transportation is as poor as Bangalore and if you live in the city, it feels as crowded as Mumbai. Staying a paying guest in Pune is definitely going to affect your lifestyle as most PGs are crowded with students and do not allow outsiders.

Your work-life balance is going to take a hit

After spending the whole day at the office, you probably expect to chill at home with friends enjoy the weather, watch television or grab a few beers. But wait, if you stay in a PG, every rule in the PG restricts you from doing so. All you can do is come home eat/order food watch some television and sleep. Imagine living with people who do not share the same interests as you. Living in such an environment can definitely affect your work.

Say goodbye to healthy food and your health

food gif

 Talking about food, the authentic Maharashtrian food I mentioned above isn’t exactly every PG’s forte, they cook food as per everyone’s taste and you’d be really lucky to find a paying guest where the food is served just the way you like it.  The PG I stayed in Hinjewadi only served food one time, that too with time restrictions. Meaning if you did not eat on time, you do not get food.

Renting a house is much cheaper than staying in a Paying Guest

Yes, you heard it right. If you are in Pune for more than six months, definitely go for a rented house. Instead of living with school/college students you can share a house with like-minded working professionals and it is only going to help you professionally. You’d end up paying somewhere between 6000-8000 for a double sharing room in a paying guest minus the food. For that kind of money, you can live in a 3BHK with all the amenities and freedom to eat and drink whatever you want.

Having lived in Pune for three years, both in a PG and in a rented house, I personally think living in a Paying Guest is a terrible idea especially when you can rent a bed or a whole fully furnished 1 rk on rent in Pune with all the amenities on NestAway without paying brokerage, not worry about trivial things and enjoy the Pune life like it is meant to be.

Hope you understood Why Living in PGs in Pune can be the worst decision ever after reading our article. So think before moving to Pune and also tell your friends and family members about it.