Welcome Meme lovers, Today We have come up with a new interesting internet meme, the “Let’s go” Meme. Well, if you don’t have any idea about this meme. Let me tell you, let’s go refers to a clip of a rapper named Sweetie from her performance that was held on the new year’s eve of 2021. During the Bud light seltzer session, rapper Sweetie says let’s go into the microphone and then turns and moves towards the stage back side. In September 2021, the clip of her walking away became famous on TikTok as users edited it into comedic scenarios that have a subject moving towards something else or going to do something.

let’s go out

never let go jack

right here, right now

5 years

let’s gooooooo

get excited


this trip year


let’s go brandon

lol jk

oh yeah

chill party



On 31st December of 2020, Saweetie performed at the new year’s Eve 2021 Bud Light seltzer session where a short concert series in celebration of the new year.

best friend was the second song in her set. In leading up to the opening lyrics, sweetie removed the hat that was a part of her wardrobe and then said “ let’s go into the microphone before turning around and moving towards the stage backside as part of her performance. In nine months, it received more than 86000 views on her YouTube channel. The performance video contained the audio from the clip of Sweetie saying let’s go at the beginning of the song. In skits, the original sound became popular when tikTokers lip dup the Let’s go and then act out a situation. If you have not enjoyed this meme yet, you are missing a very important thing in your life. So, Just scroll down and enjoy the Let’s Go memes.


The YouTube page Yves thee stallion uploaded an isolated version of the clip that received more than 450000 views in a month. In September early, the tikTokers began using a green screen cut out of the phrase that sweetie was saying and walking away in skits. The very known example was uploaded by a tiktoker named @ jakefresca on 5th September in a skit about walking the mile in gym class when everyone is running, and in three weeks it received more than 4.2 million views. The sound which is original became popular over the end of one month inspiring over 15000 videos by 30th September. On 12th September tiktoker@ conr16 posted a  version of the meme adding a Mario nose and moustache to sweetie and it received more than 10 million views in two weeks. The TikTok named @ felishiax posted one about Peppa Pig on 13th September and in a comparable period, it received More than 5.6 million views. Enjoy these let’s go memes with your favorite cup of coffee and Do not forget to share these hilarious let’s go Memes with your friends and family members