Background checking services have been in existence for many years and have become an essential tool for those seeking information about themselves or others. The online search services are offered by many companies that guarantee checks on various aspects of an individual’s life. Some of the areas that are often looked into by a background checker are one’s criminal records, personal and family history. The information is usually extracted from public records and other data platforms.

Instant checkmate: What you need to know

Instant Checkmate

The rise in the number of background checkers in the US and beyond is a sign that the service is required and demand can only go higher. Companies such as Instant checkmate have been in existence since 2010 and make it possible for many people to find information about estranged family members or even themselves. The background checker gathers data from public records, phone numbers, demographic data, addresses and arrest records among others.

Instant Checkmate is a favorite in the US with many people signing up for the various packages offered by the company. The main reason for using the background checking service is the unique features it provides. Some of these features are listed below.

Intuitive search

The search capabilities of Instant checkmate are intuitive, which means that finding details about someone is easier as soon as you include some information about them. It does not matter their background; the service will track down as much information as possible and present them in an organized manner. In most cases, the site accesses a large pool of databases that are the property of the state as well as criminal databases in the US. Also, the intuitive feature makes the search process much faster for the benefit of its users.

Easy to use

Performing background checks with a lot of accuracy and within the shortest period is possible with instant checkmate. The company offers both free and paid versions of their services to clients giving them a chance to get as much information as possible on different individuals. For the free version, the setup is quite simple and provides access to simple background checks that do not contain a lot of information about a person. Alternatively, the paid version opens up a host of information including marital status, wrongdoings, criminal records, list of relatives and their latest contact information.

Excellent customer service

Customer support is an essential service when using a background checker because of the assistance they offer to clients. Instant checkmate provides excellent customer service through various contact options allowing you to choose the most suitable one. Some of the ways they can be reached are through phone, social media and e-mail. Additionally, these customer communication services are open all day and night with real people handling the inquiries.

How to select the best background check service

Background check companies are easy to find online with many of them displaying their services on their websites. However, narrowing down to the best service provider may be overwhelming requiring you to have some guidelines to help you make the right decision. Some guidelines to keep in mind when looking for a background check service are highlighted below.

Focus on reputation

The information revealed in a background check is often used to make life-changing decisions and need to be accurate at all times. It is therefore essential to work with a search service that guarantees authentic feedback whenever a search is done on their site. If a company is known to offer unreliable service, it is advisable to avoid it and go for those that are known to be dependable. If unsure of which background checker to work with for your project, consider signing up for the trial versions to test them out before deciding on the best one for you.

Check pricing

Before searching for a background checker, it is important to have a budget that will guide you in making the final selection. Fortunately, there are many online search services available which make it possible to find one that meets your needs and is pocket friendly. For example, Instant checkmate has developed three pricing plans with their customer in mind. These pricing plans are available for one month, three months and six months with the paid plans opening up more features to online users when compared to the free version.

Read online reviews

Online reviews on background checking services are many with a majority of them highlighting the pros and cons of the services offered to former clients. They are a great way to get firsthand information about a background checker to help decide whether to sign up for their services or not. It is essential to read through as many reviews as possible to get a balanced view of the services offered by the online search service. Luckily finding instant checkmate reviews is easy giving you a chance to learn more about the background checker and what clients think of the services offered.

Go for results

A majority of companies that provide background checking services often provide a report of the findings online for the benefit of their client. It is essential to hire a company that gives reports that are detailed and indicate the results from their search in a chronological manner. Sites such as Instant checkmate offer background checking services and do their best to give adequate answers to the information being searched for by an online user. If possible, go for companies whose services have been tried and tested to avoid disappointment in the type of results offered after a background check is done.

Overall, Instant checkmate is considered one of the most accurate background checkers in the US when compared to others in the market. The background checker also ranks high when it comes to accuracy of the information presented; searching capabilities; report information and pricing. If you are looking for background checking services that guarantee quality results at a reasonable price, then Instant checkmate is your best bet.