Nilendu Das, 55, an Indian-origin landlord has been banned by the UK local council for repeatedly breaching safety requirements and committing serious housing offences. He has been sentenced to one of the UK’s longest letting bans running for 10 years in northern England by a local council.

Mr Das owns multiple properties in the Crookes area of Sheffield, South Yorks. His properties are subject to Britain’s longest ban on letting out properties for not keeping the safety requirements of the tenants and well-being by offering poor and dangerous accommodation. He hit back saying his tenants still “love him”.

Indian Origin Landlord Banned From Renting Out Homes For 10 Years

Sheffield City Council accused the 55-year-old landlord, who was once jailed for harassing tenants, of having a “long history of operating and managing extremely poor quality housing”. The Council revealed this week that the ban was issued in August following a First Tier Tribunal ruling in Manchester. It’s also the first one that it has asked for as the country’s longest-banning order.

Pictures from the landlord Mr Das’s rented out show stacks of garbage outside and one of them shows roofs with holes in them. Others display dirty messes under sinks, heaps of trash in their backyards, and jagged holes in their ceilings.

Indian Origin Landlord Banned From Renting Out Homes For 10 Years

He was listed in the Rogue Landlord Database. Das, of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, after Sheffield City Council applied for a prohibition order. And was sentenced to ten years in prison on September 22 before a Manchester tribunal.

Sheffield City Council Housing Committee Chair Councillor Douglas Johnson said “The length of Nilendu Das’ ban reflects the gravity of his actions and his flagrant disregard for fire safety and tenant safety.”

“We are delighted to see his name on the Rogue Landlord Database,” he added.

Indian Origin Landlord Banned From Renting Out Homes For 10 Years

“Mr Das has a long history of operating and managing extremely poor-quality housing and has been prosecuted by the council on numerous occasions.”  This latest prosecution stems from Das’ continued involvement in the most serious housing violations.

“His properties were among the most dangerous that the council’s enforcement staff had ever seen,” he claimed. “Sheffield City Council takes firm action against bad housing and criminal activity. The council will take action to protect the people of Sheffield and to drive out rogue landlords,” Johnson continued.

Indian Origin Landlord Banned From Renting Out Homes For 10 Years

Nilendu Das had to pay almost £7,000 in court fines and fees for a variety of housing and health and safety violations at his Sheffield Indian restaurant.