Sleep is the most soothing experience we feel. No matter how much we sleep, we can’t get enough of that. Be it soft music or a boring movie, all we end up doing is sleep. But have you ever thought this sleep could be a matter of joke and entertainment? It is evident through the various I Sleep memes on the internet.

However, sleep is a never-ending topic that begs the question, “Are you getting enough of me?” like a needy significant other. Are you having nightmares about me? Is it possible that I’ll arrive up in the middle of the day when you’re about to finish that “report”? Do you only require “five more minutes” in the morning? See? The parallels are self-evident. But take a break and laugh at some of the internet’s best sleep memes. People make memes out of anything. But I sleep memes are the best thing you’ll enjoy on the internet today.

50+ Hilarious & Funny I Sleep Memes That Are So Damn Real

The meme started when on April 2, 2009, AdWeek published an article headlined “Why Aren’t More Athletes Making Better Use of Facebook Public Profiles?” that included a photograph of Shaquille O’Neal, also known as Shaq, napping. The Thot Patrol Facebook page uploaded a photo of O’Neal waking up for thots on July 24, 2016.

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When Twitter user @Krazygio tweeted photoshopped variations of the O’Neal photograph with a Whomst-style comment on February 9, it went viral. The tweet received over 1,300 likes and 600 retweets in just three weeks.

On February 14, 2017, Twitter user @shamanabeats shared a version of the song in which Shaq wakes up to find people eating his spaghetti. The tweet received over 700 likes and 300 retweets in just two weeks. Over the next week, Redditor lee john shared @Krazygio’s tweet to /r/BlackPeopleTwitter, where it gained over 1,500 votes (94 percent upvote) and 20 comments. The next day, Redditor Drewbertt73 created an image to /r/dankmemes in which O’Neal is “ascended” after his “limited edition Matrix VHS collection” is taken.

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Tumblr user du bikini wrote on April 11, 2017, that “imagine what the shitposting game in the Amish land is like.” Tumblr user @diosmiles posted an imagined Amish shitpost the same day, rebranding Sleeping Shaq’s I Sleep meme as “Slothful Jeremiah.” After that, Tumblr user @gay-for-sharks added an “actual shit?” update to the post. Overall, the center has received almost 137,000 notes.