There’s nothing quite like a paperless wedding invitation. A lot of people worry that sending an email will somehow be more impersonal than a letter. They also worry that using electronic methods of communication has changed the way we write our own letters. These are all valid concerns; however, these worries are not necessarily founded. While some people won’t prefer receiving a formal invitation via email, many others would love to receive one. It’s an easier and faster way to let everyone know that you’re planning a big celebration, especially if you’re announcing on short notice.

Online Invitations for wedding

In today’s day and age of digital transformation, there’s a reason why online invitations have also become a tad bit more popular. At the very least, you can save money and be more environment-friendly by using online invitations.

Here’s why:

1) It Makes Sending Out Invitations & Receiving Replies Easier

One of the benefits of online invitations is that it eliminates the need to meet with someone to give him an invitation card in person. If your family and friends live far away from each other geographically, it’ll take so much time and effort for you to send the invitations one by one across different places. On top of all the preparation, you’ll have for your big day is preparing yourself too; your pamper and beauty sessions, sometimes, is just a very impossible task to complete as it will require you to relax, rest, and just take care of yourself. However, with the many things that you still need to do for the event, you just can’t stay put and relax.

But with digital invitations, your to-do list will be trimmed down. You also won’t have to worry about other family and friends feeling snubbed. For instance, one sibling may have received your invitation today because she lives nearby. But another sibling who lives a little farther away may only receive your invitation days later. This may result in unnecessary drama where the latter may feel snubbed, thinking they didn’t receive any invitation at all.

Plus, it’s too much effort to have to travel back and forth just to send a hard copy of your invitation personally.

2) It Opens Up More Opportunities For Communication

With a paper invitation, the windows of communication are slim. It may even be harder for you to follow-up and ask for an RSVP.

With online or digital invitations, opportunities for communication are wider. Today’s software or online invitation generators like Greenvelope generally comes with automatic add-ons or provisions for buttons like RSVP, with an automated contact list of all the email addresses to which you sent your digital invitations. This will be easier for you to build your final guest list as you get their responses more quickly than when using a conventional invitation.

Should there be any changes to the details of your event, it’ll also be easier for you to make the changes right away and inform all your guests about it. This process is now automated, unlike the usual manual and time-consuming means.

3) It Cuts The Need For Paperwork Fluff

Another reason to send online invitations is that you won’t need to worry about any of the paperwork that traditional invitations require of you. Paper is one of the biggest expenses when planning a big event. Not only does it take a lot of effort to polish the content and design of your invitations and make sure they’re well-crafted; it also requires you to purchase lots of high-quality or expensive paper.

The process of making traditional paper invitations is so time-consuming because of all the details the come into play. The more detailed your invitation is, the more time it’s going to require of you.

With an online invitation, you can send them out whenever you want without worrying about these things. You can prepare them digitally and send them out at whichever time you prefer. In just a few hours, you’ll have a well-crafted, detailed, and perfect online invitation that’s ready to be sent out to your guests as soon as possible.

4) It Increases Your Invitation’s Value

With traditional invitations, the more attachments you put in, the more paper you’ll need to use. This is going to cost you more money and can also be more dangerous to the environment.

For instance, if you wish to add a map to your wedding invitation, the program, and even the names of everyone in the entourage, this means more need for paper. With a digital invitation, these can easily be translated to one click. You have the option of integrating your event directly on their calendar, and even syncing all contacts to a group chat or thread for any real-time updates.

No added expense is needed for additional pages of the necessary information that comes in handy to make your invites more effective.

5) It Eliminates The Need For Paper And Other Clip Arts

Another benefit to using online invitations is that they save you a lot of money. If you’re planning a large event such as a wedding, you may find that using an online invitation creator is an ideal way to cut some costs of your wedding. While physical invitations are nice to have, the truth is that a majority of these will just get thrown into the trash right after your wedding. Because of all the details and intricacies that come with creating a wedding invitation, it shouldn’t surprise you that all of these add to the costs. They’re expensive. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend so much money on something you know will just get thrown away.

As to becoming more environment-friendly, going for a digital invitation also helps in reducing single-use paper waste that has no place else to go, but to the landfill. Remember that it’s not just the invitation itself. There’s also the envelope that comes with it and other add-ons. Think about sequins, beads, and ribbons, among others.

6) It Optimizes Your Guest Registration Workflow

When you have a proper guest registration list even before your event, you’re able to keep track of the possible expenses and prepare the right number of resources for the projected pax. This is because you know exactly the number of people you’ll need to provide food and prepare seats for. All these little expenses add up. The danger with physical invitations is that it’s all-too-easy for guests to forget to respond to it. Hence, you may be paying for the food and seats of guests that won’t even make it.


If you’ve previously been a skeptic about online invitations, these points on how it enables you to save so much more money, and a few trees, too, should convince you enough that online invitations are also just as effective as the traditional ones. With so many viable and quality software, there’s no reason why you can’t come up with good-quality digital invitations. Once you get started with crafting online invitations, you’ll finally bid traditional, paper type ones a good adieu.