Luxury hotel villas in Bali have become one of the most preferred holiday accommodation options by travelers coming to Bali. Different travel destinations offer travelers different travel experiences. More and more people are finding hotel villas convenient and affordable, especially when you are traveling in a group.

Holiday Hotel Villa in Bali

Hotel villas offer a hotel feel in an excellent home setup. As a villa resident, on days when they do not feel like going out, you can choose to have a laid-back day in the villa as you sample the amenities offered in the facility.

The best 5 star hotels in Bali offer unique holiday villas for rent. Here is how to make the most of your hotel villa in Bali.

Use the private pool.

Having a private swimming pool is one of the reasons hotel villas are becoming preferred vacation homes.

If you rent a villa, make the most of your private pool on days when you want to laze around the hotel.

A private pool offers the perfect opportunity to enhance your swimming skills, teach children how to swim or laze around, especially if you have the pool Jacuzzi. The pool area is the perfect environment to relax and sip n your drink after a long day of sightseeing.

Outdoor dining

Whether you prefer to hire a private chef or cook for yourself, a holiday is not complete if you have not hosted and dined in the hotel villa garden. Outdoor dining can be a fantastic experience, especially if you are traveling with friends or family.

Consider hosting an afternoon barbeque or brunch in the backyard as a way of spending time together as you enjoy the beautiful outdoors without having to leave the hotel villa.

Get a local chef

The beauty of going on holiday is getting out of the routine you are used to at home, which includes making your meals. Hiring a destination chef is the best way to enjoy the best Bali cuisines.

If your hotel villa service does not include a private chef, you can always hire one locally. This way, you can enjoy fine dining without visiting the expensive and sometimes noisy restaurants.

Enjoy the indoors

The other reason Bali hotel villas are popular is their ability to offer guests a feeling of home away from home.

If the weather does not favor a city tour or a trip to the beach, hotel villas are a perfect indoor plan. The best hotel villas come with indoor amenities like pool tables, board games, and even cinema rooms. This offers a variety of activities that can be enjoyed without leaving the hotel room.

For cinema lovers, you can order from a wide range of movies for home delivery. Remember to stock up on popcorns, and other cinema treats for the whole experience.

Do not miss yoga or exercise sessions.

If you are on a fitness schedule, hotel villas allow you to keep up with your schedule while on holiday. Hotel Villas come with vast outdoor spaces that are perfect for exercising. You can have a local private instructor come to your villa for your workout sessions as often as you like.

Use the babysitting services

If you are traveling with young children, most hotel villas offer nanny services for guests. This can come in handy on nights when you want to experience the nightlife in Bali. With these services, you can enjoy a night out with your spouse or friends without worrying about the kids.

Enjoy the location

If your hotel villa is built on a beachfront, you can enjoy the beach and watersports without making long commutes. Beaches in Bali are also located near beautiful flora and fauna, where you can enjoy walks and treks. Take advantage of the outdoors close to your hotel and discover interesting places around you. If you are staying for a prolonged period, you can make a few friends as you discover the environment around you.