A healthy relationship includes cuddling, teasing, intimacy, fights, arguments and many more things. People in the relationship always try to make their partner feel special and want them to be happy always. But, what will you do if you love a girl a lot but she is not your girlfriend and you want to kiss her? How will you impress her? There are thousands of ways on How to Kiss a Girl, but today we will be discussing the best ways of How to Kiss a Girl.

You must be wondering that how will this work? What will happen to your friendship? Don’t worry you can give a sweet kiss to your crush and they won’t even know your feelings. How? We are going to discuss that only.

If you are serious for your crush and want to be in a serious relationship with your girl then you have to do something in such a way that she also starts liking you and slowly your friendship will turn into a relationship.

Kissing falls in intimacy category so first of all, you need to be sure that whether the girl you want to kiss is interested in you or not, otherwise it will become the nightmare of your life.

Top 6 Ways of How to Kiss a Girl:

1) Ask her for a date: If you are scared of kissing her and want to know or make sure that whether she is interested too in you, the best way to do is ask her for a date. Not a normal date, you should take her on a candlelight dinner date. If she agrees for it that means she is surely interested in you. After having a beautiful candlelight dinner, take her to a romantic place where you can spend some cozy time with each other. Once you find that she is comfortable with you, get slight close to her, look deeply into her eyes and kiss her.

 2) Check the place and mood: Kissing anywhere is not the correct thing. If you or proposing or kissing your girl, you must be aware of the surroundings and you should make sure the girl is equally interested in you. Otherwise, your plan will be at high risk of getting failed.

3) Be alone with her: It is really very uncomfortable when you try your kiss girl in front of your friends. Girls don’t like this at all and if your girl is of a shy type she will hate you for doing this. Don’t upset her. Make the day special and memorable for her by taking her someone where nobody can disturb you. Talk about those things which you like about her, make her feel special, set the mood and then kiss her slowly. Now you must be wondering that how would you ask her to be with you alone right? You can ask her if you can drop her home after college or a party and if she says yes, you can tell her that you want to talk to her about something at a place where only you two are there.

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 4) Make her feel good: If you are alone with your girl and talking about your life and your dreams only, she will start getting bored after some time, instead compliment her, talk about what she wants to do in her life, what are her dreams, which are the common things in both of you.

5) Test her: You cannot take her directly somewhere and just kiss her. You have to be sure that she is ok spending some cozy time with you. For this, what you can do is, while talking you can pull her cheeks, hold her hands, look deeply into her eyes, put your hand around her shoulder. If she is ok being close to you then only move forward. This can be considered as a green signal.

6) Hug her tightly: If she is sharing some emotional moments of her life with you and you are finding her cute and want to kiss her, you need to make her realize that you are with her no matter whatever the situation is. Hug her tightly when she is getting emotional and slowly kiss her on her cheeks to calm her down. This will surely make her feel special and she will start trusting you more than ever.

Mentioned above are the Top Best 6 Ways of How to Kiss a Girl. Now let us move forward and see which are the amazing signs that a girl gives when she wants you to kiss her. Obviously, a girl will never start it. Let us see some signs:

  • She is happy and talking a lot and trying to get your attention publicly also.
  • She is jealous. This is one of the best signals by a girl. If you are talking to another girl in front of your crush and your girl is getting jealous that means she has some feelings too.
  • She starts blushing when you are near her.
  • She wants to touch or want you to touch her whenever you are hanging out together. Like she will pull your cheeks or play with your hairs or she will find some excuses to stay close to you.

So, are you still nervous? Then don’t be. Here are the best ways of How to Kiss a Girl. All you need to take care of is she is also interested in you otherwise you will be in a huge trouble. If you seriously like a girl then only do all these sweet things. Don’t play with anybody’s feelings as this is a very sweet moment in everybody’s life and if you will play with somebody’s emotions, no one will trust you.

Below is a Youtube video which shows how to kiss a girl.