Whether it be a movie night or a casual day out, It is very easy to get Popcorn butter stains. Popcorn butter may be the most amazing thing in the world but popcorn butter stains can spoil the game. Undoubtedly, Butter makes the popcorn more delicious but the oils present in it leave stubborn stains on your clothes. It can happen if you touch the cloth unknowingly or it falls on it.  These stains are stubborn but can be removed by following certain steps. Yes, Popcorn lovers, Today we have come up with a few ways through which these popcorn butter stains can be removed easily and effortlessly.

How to Get Popcorn Butter Out of Clothes

How to Get Popcorn Butter Out of Clothes

Try to remove the stain as soon as possible otherwise, it will get dry and will increase your effort in cleaning it. Don’t wash it with normal water as it will not work in removing such stubborn stains. If you are outside and you have paper towels in your bag. It can help to deal with popcorn butter stains. Just, Blot those stains with paper towels and keep continuing the process until the stain or oil disappears.

1) Baking soda and water

Things needed: old toothbrush, Baking soda, a few drops of water, Non-toxic dish soap

How to do:- Mix Baking soda with a few drops of water and place it on the popcorn butter stain area. Leave it for two to three minutes. Afterwards, Rub that particular area with an old toothbrush. Avoid being harsh on the fabric as it can ruin the cloth. You should apply multiple coats while gently scrubbing t the stained area. Apply a layer of non-toxic soap and rinse it well. Dish soap works perfectly in removing such stains from the fabric. Wash the cloth three to four times and you are ready to wear it on your next movie Day.

2) Hydrogen peroxide and water

 If you find popcorn butter stains on the carpet, you can use a carpet cleaning machine or spot stain removing machine. If you don’t have such machines, You can use this DIY carpet cleaning method.

Things needed:- Hydrogen peroxide or carpet cleaning solution, Towel

How to do:- Add any of the solutions in water and apply to the stained area. Wait for a few minutes ( Probably five to ten minutes) and then clean it with the help of a towel and your carpet will be stain free in a few seconds.

3) Hot water, laundry detergent

 Things needed:- Any detergent, Hot water, a Few drops of lemon juice

How to do:- Add a few drops of laundry detergent into the hot water and squeeze a few drops of lemon into it. Soak the cloth or popcorn butter-stained area in the water. The hottest the water, the stains will easily come out. Make sure to check the tag of the cloth, whether it can bear high temperature or not. After that, Wash the cloth with normal water.


Whether you are cooking or eating your favourite popcorn butter snacks, you should be careful otherwise your clothes can get stained easily. Although, the above-mentioned ways of getting popcorn butter out of your clothes work great prevention is always better than cure !! In case it falls, you should treat it as soon as possible before it sets into the fabric. Now, you don’t need to throw away your favourite piece of cloth just because of the stain. You can treat it with the right product and methods which are very simple to apply. It just needs a little bit of effort and patience and you can get your favourite cloth back in a few minutes. I hope You find this information helpful, Keep visiting our website Don’t Get Serious for more how to tips and tricks.

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