Diwali is just in a few days and for India, this is the only festival when the people are most excited and do not think about negativities or religion. During this festival, people even forget their rivalries and become friends in order to celebrate Diwali together. People who are working hard in different companies expect an envelope as a token of Diwali gift or other appreciation or Diwali gifts from the company and even the companies plan to surprise their employees with lots of gifts. However, this company in Haryana broke all the rules and did some extraordinary things that changed the lives of 12 employees.

The least people expect from their company a Diwali gift is a box of sweets some extra cash or fun activities at the office but no one has ever imagined that a company can think of gifting cars. This is a really big and unique gift anyone can get.

In the Panchkula district of Haryana, there is a pharma company whose owner’s name is MK Bhatia. Seems like Mr. MK Bhatia is really happy this Diwali with the growth and revenue generated by the company and he picked up the 12 most hardworking employees to whom he presented a car as a Diwali gift.

This is not it though. When the interviewers asked the owner about his decision he told the resources that he is planning to gift cars to 38 more employees and he is doing all this just because he believes that wherever he is today is because of all the hard work done by his employees.

Companies that value their employees really grow and stand out in the market because it is the team that achieves success. We wish a big congratulations to the winners and a very Happy Diwali to all the brothers and sisters of our country and those Indians who are abroad. We miss you!