As you grow up you learn a lot from life, some things are good and some are bad. You get all kind of experience and that is what makes you stronger in the later stage of your life. One big thing you should always remember is that their is no shortcut to success.

Xiaoli a girl in china has that killer convincing power that she fooled 20 foolish guys and convinced them to gift her a new iPhone 7. 20 iPhone from 20 guys. What she did next will definitely surprise you.

This Girl Convinced 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her An iPhone 7 Each, Then Sold Them Off To Buy A House In China

She sold all the iPhone on a website for a amount of 14 lakh rupees and bought a house in china. Well this girl’s name should be included in gunnies book of world record. It is very difficult to handle even one relationship, she had 20 boyfriends.

Woow this girl has some serious skills on how to handle multiple relationships.