Bridesmaids perform an important role on your wedding day and do essential tasks to plan the wedding. They are with you in every step, from seeing you try the wedding dress, organizing your bachelorette party, being there for your bridal shower, and doing a lot of decorations for the wedding. Above all, your true companion on your big day.

Indeed, you would want to thank them for their help and support with a perfect bride-made gift. You can give them the gift during the bridesmaid proposal, when you ask them to be your bridesmaid, at The Bachelorette party, or right before your wedding day. You can also give them gifts for all three events.

Choosing a bridesmaid gift can be challenging as you would want to make it memorable for them.

1) Personalized tote bags

A colorful personalized toad that represents a meaning, for example, a location where all the bridesmaids met or any sentimental value, is a special and unique gift for your bridesmaid.

2) Mini spa roller set

A mini spa roller set will help them freshen up on the wedding day and will be helpful in the future. It is a mini travel-friendly item which is also useful.

3) Bridesmaid gift wine

You can stick a label on your favourite bottles of wine as a gift for your bride. It will get your bridal parties going and be very special for your bridesmaid.

4) Glass jar scented candles

Candles compliment any situation, budget or moment. Buying glass jar scented candles can match any situation and being a bridesmaid gift is indeed the right option.

5) Colour nail paint set

You can give your bridesmaid a set of glossy, neutral, and colourful nail pen sets.

6) Jewellery case


You can get cute jewellery in different sizes and colours. You can even customize these cases for your brides, which will help them store their jewellery.

7) Truffle box


You can give your bridesmaid a truffle box if she is a desert lover. Someone with a sweet tooth will enjoy this gift a lot.

8) Personalized Bridesmaid Slipper with Natural Succulents


Style them with these outstanding customized slippers. This gift will help your bridesmaids relax while preparing for the wedding.

9) Tag for Luggage

Regardless of whether you’ll be going locally or internationally, a personalized luggage tag removes the task of figuring out which bag belongs to whom. It comes in many different colours. You can modify these with their initials or a fun and short message.

10) Necklace with Birth Date Pendant

These unique necklaces are influenced by astrology and numerology, creating something unique to each bridesmaid’s date of birth. You can engrave each pendant with carefully chosen stones that bring its owner luck and power. You can also have their initials written on the back of the pendant.

11) Portrait Champagne flute

When it comes to champagne, personalized glassware is a typical bridesmaid gift. You can get portraits of your group made on these flutes, making them unique and new.

12) Journal of Wellness

Your bridesmaids will want to return to their usual routine after being cut off from wedding-related plans for a few weeks or months. With a wellness journal, you can help them value self-care.

13) Miniature Custom Art

These mini paintings take the idea to the next level. You can buy a hand-painted canvas of your favourite food, animal, quote, or place.

14) Soft as butter robe

This ultra-soft robe has charming ruffle sleeves and a matching hem that will help anyone feel extra lavish while preparing for the day or calming at night. It is available in many different colours to match your wedding theme, and you can personalize the back for each wedding party member.

15) Photo Album with Emotions

This is a thoughtful bridesmaid present for the girl you’ve known since kindergarten. A photo book with the best images from life experiences will make them cry.

16) Sweatshirt with Personalized Embroidery

These crewneck sweatshirts have your wedding title and name custom embroidered along the neckline and sleeves. You can make these in many colours according to your bridesmaid’s preference.

17) Necklace with Birth Flower

Dainty jewellery, especially gold, is now trendy. You can get a necklace stamped with a birth flower. There is a birth flower for each month of the year. This idea allows you to give each of your bridesmaids a unique gift.

18) Customized Iced Coffee Cup

Coffee is a great bridesmaid gift for the wedding day. It will go a long way with your bridal party. Set up a breakfast bar in the getting-ready suite with baked goods, coffee, creamers, sugar, and these adorable glass cups.

19) Gift Set with a Coffee Theme

Your caffeine-loving bridesmaids will love a bridesmaid gift basket filled with coffee and chocolate. They’ll have no trouble waking up the morning after the wedding with these coffee varieties and tasty chocolate pairings.

20) Hangover kits

Your bridesmaid will get hangovers from all the bridal parties. You cannot save them from the terrible hangovers, but you can always give them supplies they might need to get through them. The kit can include earplugs, electrolytes, pain relievers, etc.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of gifts that you can give to your bridesmaid. Customized guests are a great option. It shows that you have made an effort to get the gift. Any personalized gift that takes your bridesmaid through memory lane is good. You can get jewellery, dresses, makeup, and accessories for obvious and valuable gifts. You can go ahead and make changes and personalize these gifts to add sentimental value to them. Any personalized gift is special and memorable. You can choose from the earlier gift and explore the market for more.