It’s understandable why many find recycling bothersome. It is natural for people to tend to reject strict rules or laws. This point has been evident with the rejection of mask mandates during the pandemic and the chronic refusal of most people to observe prescribed recycling practices.

However, recycling does not have to be boring and tedious. On the contrary, it can be fun, something households can look forward to.

Make the bins look interesting.

Consider switching your conventional dark-colored containers for trash and recyclables with something colorful or interesting-looking. You can also decorate them—paint nice shapes or images on the bins. Attach custom covers that make the containers look like monsters in a feeding frenzy whenever you put trash in them. Kids in the household, in particular, will love the idea and get excited to participate in the trash segregation process.

Getting Rid of Your Trash Can Be Fun

Turn trash into cash.

What could be more fun than making money from discarding trash? This monetization is possible by selling recyclable garbage to recycling establishments nearby. In Kansas City, for example, there’s, which buys all kinds of scrap metals, including cast iron, aluminum, nickel, tantalum, bronze, titanium, copper, stainless steel, and brass.

Recyclers can pay between $0.035 to $0.15 per pound of metal, depending on the kind and quality. They can also pay up to $300 for junk electric motors.

Invite neighbors to fundraise for a cause by selling trash.

You can upgrade trash monetization by making it a fundraising activity for a cause. For example, organize an event to encourage everyone in the neighborhood to collect their recyclable garbage to be sold to recycling facilities or auctioned out if it can still be useful.

This community activity centered on trash disposal can help promote proper garbage handling while pursuing an opportunity for charitable ends. It is an excellent activity, especially for youngsters with the time and energy to collect trash, make cash, and fund small projects for worthwhile causes.

Organize an art or invention contest using recycled items.

Holding an art and invention competition is another good way to use trash. This competition promotes artistic creativity while nurturing ingenuity in discarding unwanted home items. This can be a biweekly or monthly affair that will spotlight good waste disposal practices and facilitate interaction or engagement among neighbors.

Have a field trip to the recycling plant.

If there is a nearby recycling plant, it would be great to bring the kids there while taking some trash that can be recycled or repurposed in the facility. This activity also helps expose kids to the realities of what is happening to a community’s waste.

Every household produces trash. Everyone encounters a garbage problem at some point. Instead of keeping the mundaneness of trash disposal, it would be nice to use it as a way to make some cash or bring neighbors or the bigger community together. There are creative ways to deal with garbage. You have to think outside the box.