Flipkart the Indian giant E-commerce company  has recently filed a police complaint claiming tha Flipkart CEO Binny Bansal’s official email account has been hacked. This news was reported by  Economic Times.

According to the report 2 mails were sent to the Sanjay Baweja – Flipkart’s Chief Financial Officer asking for $80,000 transfer at 11.33am on March 1 from Binny Bansal’s email id.

Flipkart CEO Binny Bansal’s Email Account Hacked

Sanjay Baweja was surprised with the nature of the emails. He later on cross checked with Binny Bansal and discovered that Bansal’s email account was hacked..

This is a case of email spoofing said The cyber crime wing. The message was reportedly sent from a forged addresses.

The emails were sent from Canada and Hong Kong using a Russian server – CID reported this to Economics Times