Snakes getting into homes is not a rare incident, especially in India. But we Indians get rid of them sometimes with our methods and sometimes with the help of snake catchers. Recently in a peculiar turn of events, a family in Uttar Pradesh India attempted to drive away a deadly snake from their home by creating smoke from burning cow dung. Unfortunately, the house caught fire instead as confirmed by the local authorities.


The shocking incident happened in the Banda district of UP on a Sunday morning. The family discovered a cobra inside their house. Trying to get rid of the snake, they initiated a process of burning cow dung to generate smoke. However, this seemingly well-intentioned action led to the fire spreading rapidly some furniture catching fire in the home and ultimately the entire house caught fire.

Rajkumar, who works as a labourer in Delhi, lived in the house with his five kids and his wife, according to the local police. The devastating consequence of the fire included the loss of the family’s jewellery, cash, and several quintals of grain. But luckily no one from the family or otherwise was injured in the fire.

house caught fire

The fire control station promptly reached the scene and successfully doused the flames after being informed about the incident. An investigation was also conducted by the local police authorities.

fire fighter

A police official remarked, “The family members have stated that they were attempting to smoke out a snake. Further steps are being taken about this incident.”

The Revenue Department has been notified about the incident and is presently evaluating the extent of the damage which is a sign of relief for the family.

A police official from Uttar Pradesh said, “Further action is being taken in the matter. The family had allegedly been trying to remove the snakes from their home.”