FaceApp is the latest trending and viral App on social media. Users are sharing their future pic on how they will look with the help of the FaceApp. We have spotted lots of celebrities using this app and we are surprised on how this trend has gone viral quickly. We have shared old future looks of celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Virat Kohli, Varun Dhawan, Nick Jonas, Arjun Kapoor and many more.

FaceApp has caught everyones attention and has become the latest sensation on the Internet. The App has become so viral that it has already crossed 100k Million downloads in just few days. Everyone is taking up a challenge of how they will look in future with the old age filter. Celebs have been spotted sharing their images on Twitter/Instagram and Facebook under the #FaceAppChallenge.

The App was launched in 2017 but caught attention of everyone after they added new features and improved the quality of images.

The FaceApp works on Artefical Intelligence that lets users to edit their photos or someone elses photo and make it look older or younger.

How to download FaceApp and us it

Follow the below steps to know how to use Old Age FaceApp filter in your smartphone.

Step 1: Install FaceApp on your smartphone from Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Open the app

Step 3: Click a new picture or select image from your gallery

Step 4: Choose the filter of you choice, Old Age or Young Age or any other.

Step 5: You will get to see old/young version of yourself

Checkout how Virat Kohli will look when he will get old

Arjun Kapoor shared old age filter photo with a caption “Old age hit me like,,”

American Pop rock band, The famous Jonas Brothers were also seen sharing their aged picture with a caption “When you take a trip to Year 3000”

How Does FaceApp Work?

If you want to see how you will look in your 50’s and 60’s then click your pic and add it to the App. You will get to see the future you and that will be the best thing you will see as you will get to know how you will look in the future. Isn’t it interesting.

So what are you waiting for? Try the latest FaceApp right now and share your future old age pic with the filter.