Which is the best time to visit a place? Once you ask the question, you will get several answers. Some will prefer to visit a place or a country according to the weather, while others prefer to get the adventure and visit when it is off time. There are many people who think of their budget and prefer to visit a place when there is offseason. During this time, the hotels offer discounts and the rate are cheap and affordable. But, the best time of booking vacation homes near a beach in Virgin Gorda is during festivals. Yes, this is always the best time to visit a country. When you are in a new country, you definitely want to get the best taste of their culture and tradition. That you can get the maximum while they are celebrating their local events and festivals. You can get to know about their food, dressing style, fashion, dance, music, and overall the entire form of culture.

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Being a Caribbean Island, Virgin Gorda is full of life and sparks as per the culture of the country. People of the island are always throbbing with life and energy and you can get the best of it during festivals. Each year, it draws people around the world to visit its yachting competition or tribal dance festival. Why are you waiting for? Okay, you can get more information before planning for an exotic vacation at Virgin Gorda.

1) Full Moon Parties

If you go for the list of must-watch places in Virgin Gorda, you may not find the name of Trellis Bay there. But, if you want to enjoy nightlife here, visit Trellis Bay at full moon night. You can get the maximum spirit of Caribbean Island. If you are staying at Tortolla, you can reach the bay just by walking. While the full-moon serves the psychedelic lighting, the white sand beach becomes the perfect dance floor for you. These parties are only for adults. What about fooding? There are numerous beach shacks where you not only get the best food of Caribbean Island but also you will be served your favorite drink. Get boozed and dance all night.

2) BVI Emancipation Festival

There are certain festivals where you can get to experience the root culture of the country. If you are in Virgin Gorda during this festival, you should not miss at any cost. There will be food fairs where you can get to taste the local as well as a variety of tribal, offbeat foods. With parades and local music, the festival is colorful and too much fun. This festival continues up to two weeks in Tortola and the extravaganza is really awesome. You can get a lifetime experience.

3) New Year’s Eve

Like any other country around the world, Virgin Gorda welcomes new years with lots of fun and flicker. Still, it is quite different than other’s styles. After all, you can’t get hula dance anywhere around the world. Besides, spending the last night of a year with your near ones, far from the chaos of urban life is really mindblowing. Grab dinner at your favorite shack, visit the fireworks that make the night glow like day and take your New Year resolution at any beaches of Virgin Gorda.

4) Necker Cup

Are you fond of Tennis? Then, this six-day tennis tournament will really drag you towards the stadium. This tournament is held at the hometown of Sir Richard Branson, Necker Island. This is nothing serious but the legendary players play like amateurs of all ages. This is played for fun while maintaining the true spirit of tennis competition. Spending a day at the stadium and watching your favorite player is really ‘the experience’.

5) Karl Merklein Art Show

So you are fond of art, right? if you are in Tortola, you can keep a day to visit the Sunny Caribbee art gallery to visit the famous Karl Merklein Art Show. This is organized in January every year. In this art show, you can visit the personal collection of Karl Merklein along with ceramics, sculpture, and more. For art lovers, this art show can be a lifetime experience.

6) Dark and Stormy Regatta

What does the name suggest? Is it held on stormy nights? Actually, no. this is the name of the famous rum. This yacht competition is holding on March in Tortolla and it is too exciting to give you an adrenaline rush. Don’t bite all your nails, though.

7) Annual Wahoo Fishing Tournament

This annual sports are held in Spanish Town, the capital of Virgin Gorda. The fishing tournament is too exciting and there will be an arrangement of foods and drinks after the tournament. If you are here during the tournament, don’t miss to take the vibe of it.

8) BVI Music Festival

Caribbean music has always been regarded as one of the richest music around the world. The beats and the tones can work like a balm on the bereaved heart. The annual music festival includes funji, calypso, regge, rock, R&B, and lots of jazz groups throughout the world. It holds for a three-day-weekend and you can get the experience of listening to the best music in the world.

So, if you are excited enough to visit Virgin Gorda during festivals, you should aim for such events. Apart from these, the Easter is also celebrated with pomp and vigor here.