People say that doctors are the other form of god who go to all the limitations to save the life of their patients and this doctor has proved that what people think is true. To save a random person’s life, it takes courage to put one life at risk and make a decision that can change two lives forever. Whatever doctors say, and do needs to be followed very strictly and if you do that and the doctor feels connected with you then they have the guts to cross all the limitations and go beyond expectations to save your life.

As doctors are the alternatives of god so do the kids. We see the innocence of god in children and people have a special connection with toddlers. A doctor whose name is Doctor Ali Alsamarah works as an Interventional Cardiology Specialist in Florida at a non-profit hospital. He was treating a child who was suffering from a physical ailment and was struggling to get a bone marrow donor. This was the time when the doctor decided to break all the god’s rules and donate his own bone marrow to the kid to save his life.

Ali got a call one day when he found out that he is a matching donor for the kid and without thinking twice, Ali said YES to donate his bone marrow to the kid. A while ago, this doctor’s friend was fighting cancer but his life was also saved by a donor. Hence, Doctor Ali used to believe that donating organs or bone marrow is not a big deal and he did this happily.

After he posted this information on his Instagram page, he received an immense amount of love and respect and all we can do is pray to god to provide this doctor a good life.