Recently we have seen lot of hard working Zomato delivery boys working hard to earn a living by going door to door to deliver food in this hot summer and late at night. One such inspiring clip of a Zomato delivery boy is doing rounds on social media which has gone viral. Lets checkout what it is all about.

Honey Goyal a Twitter user shared a video which shows a Zomato deivery boy delivering food on his tricycle (Hand operated). After he shared this video, thousands of people are sharing it on Social media

After sharing the video Honey wrote : #Zomato you keep rocking, you made my day, this man is the inspiration for all who thinks there’s life is screwed, please make this man famous”


Honey requested everyone on social media to make this delivery guy famous. This guy was identified as Ramu who is based in Beawar city of Rajasthan.

Zomato replied to Honey’s tweet and said We take immense pride in our delivery partners as they are the ones who connect our users with great food — regardless of all obstacles 🙂


This small clip of Ramu delivering food on his hand operated tricycle quickly won hearts and even celebrities were seen sharing the video on Social Media.


Few more tweets from people all around


After watching Ramu’s video go viral, People on twitter have requested Zomato and other people to get him electric scooter so that he does not have to use tricycle.


Kindly share this as much as possible so that people can know how hard working this man is. Also lets tweet this to Mahindra and tell them to gift it to Ramu.