Lately, it seems like the bright highlights and bleached blonde are giving way to dirty blonde hair colour. A shade that many ladies have spent their entire lives trying to hide at the salon is making a big come back.

Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas We All Want To Copy

Do you want to try this look as well? Well, we have done a huge part of the homework and compiled these dirty blonde hair tips for our readers. Continue scrolling below to learn more about them and choose one that suits your style and personality.

1) All –Over Blonde.

If you are looking for a dirty blonde haircut that is fresh and cool, then try all-over blonde. This haircut is refreshing and a classic take on the standard honey blonde. The cool, pearly hue complements any skin tone.

2) Dark Dishwater Blonde.

This haircut is of more brunette side than the dirty blonde hair. This is a suitable hair shade for the ladies in the process of trying to grow out their natural hair since it helps to blend in the existing highlights.

3) Blonde Colour Melt.

Bringing together, crisp, and dark highlights give you a dramatic yet natural look. This colour fade of lights and darks offers your hair dimension and looks overly lighter or darker in different intensities of light and settings.

4) Dark Roots and Honey Highlights.

Rock this natural-brightening effect by incorporating highlights in your honey blonde colour. Include waves of honey-blonde highlights on the hair on the surface to blend into the dark brown locks for a flattering and sun-kissed appearance.

5) Beachy Waves and Blonde Highlights.

Rock the fresh bohemian haircut with some subtle pieces across the entire hairstyle, while maintaining the hue and style low maintenance. This is an amazing dirty blonde hair colour rocked by most celebrities such as Cara and Victoria.

6) Dirty Blonde Hair and Light Highlights.

Offer your hair some lift in its volume by incorporating dirty blonde hair and a couple of lighter shades to your natural hair. Such light sun-kissed highlights enhance summer vibes to all types of hairstyles and haircuts.

7) Natural Shades Waves.

Highlight your natural tone with some polished waves and a hint of blonde at the trimmings. This is a signature hairstyle for Jennifer Aniston, who always features in the list of top celebrity hair inspirations. The hairstyle has a similar colour of golden dirty blonde hair. It is a style you don’t want to miss this summer.

8) Dark Roots and Cool Tips.

This fresh colour fade with dark roots and tips is a hair goal for many women. It is choppy lob with ultimate movement and dimension. Beach wave haircuts appear beautiful with such a fascinating colour of blonde.

9) Cute Dirty Blonde Bob.

Take your typical bob to the next level with medium blonde base shade and colour the tips with a little lighter blonde. Then create flipped up ends to enhance movement and dimension.

10) Sun-kissed Extended Locks.

Rock this summer look all year round with this sandy colour of dirty blonde hair. Just by adding some bold colours where the sun rays illuminate on, and you will appear as if you are coming from the beach.

11) Icy Messy Bob.

Icy blonde layers and messy curls give your locks a dirty blonde look with great volume and dimension. We like this long and short blonde bob since it is classy.

12) Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights.

Give your hair some freshness with highlights in warm caramel and some polished and refined waves. In fact, caramel highlights look great on almost all types of hair. This is something you should remember when looking for new hair inspirations.

13) Subtle Dirty Blonde Bob.

Create a light dimension for your bob by incorporating the natural colours of dirty blonde. You can paint two or more of these colours. Some perfectly cut tips and subtle curl give the entire hairstyle movement and dimension. It is a perfect hairstyle you can rock for both formal and casual occasions.

14) An Ideal Balance of Brunette and Blonde.

If you cannot choose between brunette and blonde, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds. This is what we call blondette hairstyle. People will be amazed when they see you rocking both styles. And for sure, it is a fantastic hairstyle.