Today’s entire day will be registered in the history of India and Maharashtra Politics. In our earlier article, we already explained How Devendra Fadnavis took oath as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. However, in the present article, we will explain all the activities that took place on the night of 22nd and 23rd November.

After Sanjay Raut announced that Uddhav Thackeray will form the government in Maharashtra along with NCP and Shivsena. There were many incidents through which BJP Turned Tables on Shivsena in a Night.

How BJP Turned Tables on Shivsena in a Night?

Here is the timeline of all those activities:

11:45 pm: Ajit Pawar finalized the deal with BJP to form the Government in Maharashtra.

11:55 pm: Fadnavis seeks permission from the Top Party Members for the swearing-in ceremony before anyone from Shivsena, NCP or Congress forms government in Maharashtra.

12:30 am: Governor cancels his Delhi Visit.

2:10 am: Secretary of Governor directed to revoke the Presidential rule at 5:47 am and arrange the swearing-in ceremony at 6:30 am.

2:30 am: Secretary suggested to arrange the oath ceremony at 7:30 am as he has to submit papers in 2 Hours.

5:30 am: Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar arrive at Raj Bhavan.

5:47 am: Presidential rule revoked from Maharashtra but was announced at 9 am.

7:50 am: Swearing-in Ceremony starts in Raj Bhavan of Maharashtra.

8:01 am: News of Devendra Fadnavis taking oath as CM of Maharashtra arrives on all channels.

8:16 am: PM Narendra Modi congratulates the newly formed government in Maharashtra.

These were all the activities through which Devendra Fadnavis became CM. There is a lot more to come to Maharashtra Politics in the upcoming days. We will keep you updated here.