Die Cut Hang Tags – Designing & Printing Tips


Die-cut hangers, which are generally custom-shaped hangers are popular solutions which lend an identity to products. It is to be known by brand owners that customers will perceive the product they advertise quicker with customized or personalized die cut hang tags.

A key advantage of die-cut hang tags is that they can be cut out to any shape, unique to your brand and targeted audience.

Die cut hang tags printing is relatively professionally done at 4OVER4, cutting to the inch and implementing accurate and catchy results, just for you, your brand and your client!

How is this pulled off? How do hang tags get designed and printed? Well here are some of the tips implemented by 4OVER4, that will help your die cut hang tags stick out even more from the crowd. Read on!

Choose shape and size

 Why be a mediocre brand and implement a normal-shaped die cut hang tag? You as a brand, have the freedom to move beyond the common and implement a uniquely shaped design to give your clients that wow factor!

Your hang tags can be cut to fit the design of a house, if your brand works in the real estate industry. A thumb or a flash drive if you’re in the computer hardware industry and so forth.

4OVER4 gives you a special and one of a kind opportunity to pick, customize and implement your die cut hang tag shape from a vast pool of design options.

Sizes recommended would be not so large and not so small so as to provide easy viewing of information on the tag. Custom and preferred sizes at 4OVER4 range between :

  • 5” x 2.5” as circles
  • 5” x 3.5” in oval or rounded corners

Think about that particular shape that matches your business/brand and reach out to 4OVER4 for production!

Use bright colors

Colors play a very vital role in communicating to a customer/client. Purchase decisions made by clients can be influenced by the color of your die cut hang tag. Hang tags with dull colors will tend to be unnoticed by the clients and whatever doesn’t get noticed, definitely doesn’t leave the shelf!

Seek customer attention with bright and vibrant colors, which can be employed as your brand colors. If you also have a brand color that goes hand in hand with your identity, as long as it’s vibrant, use it in the hang tags as well.

Submit your logo

Your brand logo carries your identity and communicates with customers. The main and first objective of die-cut hang tags is to promote your brand. And what better way to promote your brand than to win customer attention by sight? Catchy and unique brand logos might influence your customer’s purchase decisions.

As a result, make sure that you have the brand logo at an easily visible , not a blind, but a supreme location on the tag. It would be advisable to have it on both sides of the tag, not taking chances with visibility and having it easily noticeable by customers at first glance.

Using the right printing tools

There exists diverse ways to print die-cut hang tags as well as the equipment required. The variation comes in when deciding on the label needed by a brand/business. At 4OVER4, we ensure that your die cut hang tags are printed with the right machinery, making the best there is out there for your line of work, and setting you aside with uniqueness.

Printing methods

The first method uses direct or thermal printing which applies heat to a chemically treated surface alongside a thermal printhead that turns paper black wherever the heat is applied. This method of printing your die cut hang tag is common to grocery and shipping brands.

The only drawback with this method is that the heat sensitive material gets dark often when exposed to extra heat or even light.

An alternative to this, which can be considered more stable is thermal transfer printing which makes use of a ribbon which has the ability to print in black and in color.

Hang tags produced here can handle extreme exposure as well as high temperatures thereby producing a higher quality product. Thermal transfer printing results in hang tags with awesome scannability, relevant to shopping industries.

Why order custom die Cut hang tags?

Ordering custom hang tags will set your brand aside from others. Customers are intrigued by uniqueness and why leave your brand to settle in the ordinary?

Custom die cut hang tags are a perfect way to communicate about your product or service in advance and set you aside from the list of the common.

Why lose customer attention when 4OVER4 provides you with a solution? Do you think going custom on your hang tags will make an improvement?

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