Cutest Dog Breeds : Do you like to keep a dog as a pet at your house? There are so many people who love to have a dog at their home. Some of the dogs are tall, with droopy ears, pointy ears or long ears. The tiny, fluffy body or a large regal body? There are so many characteristics which make the dog looks best. All the dogs are cute, but here we have made a list of some of the popular choices.

Top 10 List of Cutest Dog Breeds in the world

If you also want to get a cutest dog breeds to your house then check out this list and get it one for your home.

1) Pugs

The Pugs comical face is the cutest one. It has a shot nose with wideset eyes. Pug is the most popular demanded breed of best-looking dogs. The Pugs comical, playful and mischievous trend brings adventure to your house. This dog breed can be stubborn and difficult to housebreak. Giving the best training to pug dog is very important. Regularly, the owner of the Pug dogs needs to clean the facial wrinkles of the dog as it prevents skin infection. Pug dogs can’t tolerate much heat and humidity. So, whenever your Pug is outside of the house do check out regularly for the signs of overheating. Pugs wheeze, snort, and snore, loudly.

2) Pomeranian

Puppies Pomeranian puppies have a miniature body, fluffy and sweet, smiley face. One can easily identify this cutest dog breed. Some of the Pomeranian Puppies bark a lot. The double coats of Pomeranian puppies need to be brushed regularly. For Pomeranian care training is recommended, house training is not good for them. It can have heat stroke in high heat and humidity. It is a house dog and should be kept inside the house not outdoors. Pom dogs are the best ones for kids, for a very young or highly active children Pom dogs are not a good choice.

3) Puggle

A mixture of Pug and Beagle dog breed is called Puggle. Puggle dog breed is very popular because of his fun-loving personality and looks very cute. Puggle gets along with kids and play. These dog breeds are active and energetic breeds. It needs exercise daily and also a walk of 15 mins. To get rid of loose and dead hair it needs weekly brushing. Puggle dog breeds are smart but can be stubborn sometimes, so give them better training. They may chase smaller pets, generally, they do well with other dogs and pets.

4) French BullDog

French Bulldog was created in England, then it accompanied English lacemaker to french. The French Bulldog breed does not need much exercise. But they need a daily walk to be healthy. These dogs can’t handle the heat well. It is very easy to train French BullDog but these dogs can be stubborn at the same time. While training this breed to be calm and patient. These dogs snore and may wheeze and drool. The facial wrinkles of the dog should be cleaned regularly.

5) Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is bred to herd cattle, sheep, horses. This dog breed is intelligent and active dog breed. To train Pembroke Welsh Corgi is very easy. These dogs are good with children and other pets. If you want to buy it you will get it in four different coat colors and markings. Pembroke Welsh Corgi are vocal dogs and they can bark at anything and everything. As they are intelligent dogs they can be stubborn.

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6) Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever are the most popular dog breeds in the United States. It is a large, sweet-faced, kind dog. This dog breed is intelligent, patient, and it loves people. Their favorite activities are learning, playing games like anything which can be carried in her mouth. It needs daily physical and mental exercise.

Golden Retrievers shed so much, especially in spring and fall. Needs daily brushing as it will get loose hair out of the coat. If you are living with a Golden dog breed then you need to get used to dog hair. The Golden Retriever dogs are the family dogs and they should be kept indoors only. They should not be kept alone in the backyard. Humans need to spend time with these dogs.

7) Dachshund

Dachshund dog breed comes in many sizes and colors. The one physical feature is same that is his elongated body. This dog is fearless, curious and lively. He gets along with children, and is a playful dog. It barks alot. Dachshund needs daily walks and games in the garden.

Care training of this dog is must as it can be stubborn and difficult to housebreak. These dogs have an independent nature and are so intelligent dog. Dachshund dog likes to bark and they bark so much.

8) Bernese Mountain Dog

These are the beautiful dog breeds. Bernese Mountain Dog is the large, tri-colored and has a long, thick double coat. She is a very calm, confident and devoted dog. These dogs love to stay outside, especially in cold weather. Every day, it needs a walk for good health. Bernese Mountain Dog needs regular brushing of hair.

The Berners dog can have so many health problems because of the small genetic foundation. At present, their life span is very short about six to eight years only. This happens because of the responsible breeding and genetic conditions.

9) Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier was originated in the Yorkshire area of England. In the United States, they have become the most popular breeds and are the most cutest small dog breeds. We can say they are the toy-sized dog and it has a luxurious coat. She is so brave and energetic. These dogs like to play games and get interacted with the family. They need to be brushed every day or two.

For this breed also crate training is recommended, house training is not good for it. They don’t like cold, and are prone to chills.

10) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This beautiful dog is recognized by the long, curly ears and puppy-dog eyes. Cavalier King dog is very affectionate, enthisisastic. It is a cute small dog breed. Cavalier King dog is gentle, sweet and playful. This dog loves to explore, sniff and chase. You need to regularly brush the hairs as they are long.

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CONCLUSION on cutest dog breeds in the world

So, these are the top best cutest dog breeds. If you want to get any cute pet to your house then you must check out this list and get one of them. Stay tuned to us for more details.