“Crackhead meme” picture macros with Tyrone Biggums on a green and white color wheel backdrop were first uploaded in June of 2010. In online forums, the phrase “Y’all Got Anymore of…” is often used as a request for further information on a particular subject of interest or, more generally, to show one’s passionate desire for a specific item. “Y’all any more of those / X?” was first said by the drug-addicted Tyrone Biggums in Chappelle’s Show, and it has since become a standard response picture based on a still image of Chappelle’s character and the phrasal template.

50+ Funny Crackhead Meme For The Cracks That Will Make You Laugh

Let’s check out the memes collection.

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A picture macro published to /r/AdviceAnimals by Redditor abdullah10 in December 2013 jokingly asked for WiFi passwords got over 1,400 upvotes in only three months. To poke fun at the behavior of repeatedly scrolling Reddit when it is offline, Baddabink submitted a Tyrone Biggums picture macro to /r/AdviceAnimals on January 4, 2014. Over 13,000 upvotes and 90 comments were amassed in only two months.

In a post to /r/AdviceAnimals on February 28, Redditor jlmawp posted a Dave Chappelle Crackhead picture macro in which he lamented the frigid weather in Chicago, Illinois. On March 4, Redditor mathemagician117 uploaded a low-resolution picture macro to /r/AdviceAnimals with the remark, “Y’all have any more of these / pixels.” Approximately 33,600 and 11,900 people gave their thumbs up to these postings in the first month, respectively. The picture macro by Redditor mathemagician117 was shared on 9gag on March 7.

Some crackhead memes would be:

  • Have you ever heard a crackhead say: “I have no money, not going to smoke today.” Ne, They always find a way. Are you going to let a crackhead out-hustle you today?
  • When you drive past a yard with an excellent Skeleton Halloween decoration, then realize it’s a crackhead.
  • The crackhead at the light while I’m trying not to make eye contact.

Masshole224, a Redditor on /r/AdviceAnimals, posted an image macro on March 18 denouncing conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft. The picture macro received over 11,200 upvotes and 190 comments in under two weeks. In a joke on /r/AdviceAnimals, the Redditor askme asked his female housemates to fix him up with their pals on April 1. The article received 16,200 upvotes and 400 comments in less than 24 hours.