The Atal bridge from Sewari to Navi Mumbai welcomes all types of transportation mediums. Whether you are traveling on a two-wheeler, a car, or a heavy vehicle like a truck, you can pass through the bridge very easily. But, yes there is one thing that you need to pay and that is the toll tax. There are different toll fees for different types of vehicles which you can find here.

The country’s longest sea bridge is a pride of India, and it is an honor to be a part of the generation where you can see how the nation is moving towards modernization, and building new things to make people’s lives easy and smooth. The bridge is now accessible to the people, and from 13th January, the toll fee is applicable for all types of vehicles that pass through it.

If you want to go from one point to another using a car, you will be charged Rs. 250/- one way and if you are planning to come back via the bridge itself from the car then the total payable amount would be Rs. 375/-. If you want to do up-down every month, then you can also get a pass for Rs. 12,500/- for cars.

Mini buses tempo travelers or any type of Light Commercial Vehicle will be charged Rs. 400/- for one side and Rs. 600/- for the round trip. However, for the monthly passes, the total cost is Rs. 20,000/-.

For the buses, trucks, and other heavy vehicles, the total cost of a round-trip would be Rs. 1,245/- and for the single side, they will be charged, Rs. 830/-. This amount may vary as per the government rules and regulations in the future. You will be able to see the exact amount on the blue board placed just before the toll tax plaza. Enjoy the ride!