There are trillions of birds that look different from each other and if you are a bird lover then you might know some of them. The world is created by beautiful creatures. Some of them look really dangerous and scary too. The bird ‘Cassowary’ has won the title of being the world’s most dangerous bird.

Cassowary Bird Earned the Title of World's Most Dangerous Bird - Know Why?

Though it is one of those birds that do not fly and is harmless to humans, it has been awarded the most dangerous by Guinness World Records. But, there is a reason behind that. The reason is the incident that took place in the year 2019, in Florida.

On 12th April 2019, in Florida, USA, a 75 year old man faced the bird Cassowary. The bird attacked him and he got various injuries. The bird is bigger than emus and ostriches and weighs 60 kilograms minimum. These birds are mostly found in Australia, and South East Asia and are 6 feet 6 inches in height which is bigger than normal. They can be deadly to human beings and should be left alone when nearby. When they attack, they use their sharp claws which are really harmful and can leave a deep mark on the body.

Unfortunately, the man who was attacked by the bird was not able to survive and died. This was the first death after 93 years. Before this, the cassowary bird attacked Philip McLean, a hunter who was just 16 years old.

You can spot these birds at the Australian beaches. Make sure you are keeping a distance from the bird and if you are planning to click a picture of it, do it from a good distance.

Birds are beautiful, but some are dangerous. To save yourself, it should be your responsibility to play on the safe side. Don’t plan to give something to eat to the bird. The bird’s claws are enough to get you.