In Pennsylvania, a car crashed into the house’s second floor, leaving a gaping hole in the home. Rescue organization Junction Fire Company uploaded photos showing a gray Toyota Corolla that crashed into an upstairs room with almost half the car inside the house. The back portion, including one of its back wheels and trunk, was hanging off an awning.

Car Crashes Into Second Floor Of House, Cops Say Driver Did It On Purpose

When the Junction Fire Company crew in Lewistown arrived at the scene after responding to a report of a vehicle crashing into a structure. The injured driver, waiting outside, was later rushed to the hospital. The fire company says that the car hit a small culvert next to the home’s driveway and launched the car through the air straight onto the top floor room. Three people were present inside the house. Luckily no one was injured in this accident except the driver himself. Even though this looks like an accident, Pennsylvania Street police say that their investigators believe this crash wasn’t an accident but an intentional act.

car crashes on 2nd floor

Officials say that the driver was able to climb out onto the roof after the crash. Later police took him to the hospital with minor injuries, but they still don’t know how exactly the vehicle made its way to the second floor. The only explanation the officials have is that it went into the culvert and propelled into the air, but it still doesn’t explain how a 3,500-pound car landed on the second floor.

Car Crashes Into Second Floor Of House

The fire department took about 3 hours to remove the car from the second floor, which involved some outside-the-box thinking. The rescue crew helped to stabilize the house and put a tarp over the hole from the crash because of upcoming storms. In contrast, Pennsylvania Police Department pressed charges against the car’s driver.