Only a few people in this world can maintain a Long distance relationship. It is difficult as the partners are geographically isolated from one another, Both of them are 100’s or Maybe 1000’s of KM away from each other but love holds them together.

This is a story of a Canadian woman who met Filipino guy Romel who stays in General Santos city in Philippines. They both met each other in 2009 online on Facebook and started talking with each other, Soon their friendship bloomed and they fell in love while chatting with each other everyday. Their relation was pretty strong, though they were almost 8,000 miles away from each other for 2 years.

Canadian Woman Travels More Than 8,000 Miles for filipeno boyfriend

Finally it was 2012 and they decided to meet. The Canadian woman took a flight from Canada to Philippines to her lover. They had a very good time with each other and as it is said, time waits for no one, The Canadian woman had to go back to her country after spending some quality time with each other. The couple had to separate again, but this did not stop their relationship, It became more intense and strong.

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They were apart for couple of months. But the Canadian woman came back to the Philippines once again to marry the Filipino man she truly loves. They finally tied the knot, defying all odds.

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Today, the said couple inspires many Long Distance lovers to fall in love online and settle down.

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