6 Months back, when I left for Canada for higher studies, I was excited just like every other student who goes for settling in Canada. I too had dreamt of living a lavish life in the city of lights and lake – Toronto. I started researching all the happening places In Canada – Clubs, Trails, Malls, and a lot more.

I landed here with so much excitement about starting an amazing phase of my life which I thought would be quite lavishing just as they show in the movies and Instagram stories. Sadly, as they say, ‘Instagram Stories is Not Equal to Real Life Stories.’

nisarg mankad

The first month went into settling into the new culture and environment – not to forget the negative temperature levels and frequent snowstorms. Soon I started to realize why it isn’t great when I started struggling for Food and Family Love. There are so many things where one can say Indian Cities are far better than Canada! Shocked? Here are some reasons why its better to live in Vadodara than in any other Canadian City.

1) Unbeatable Bhakharwadis and Lilo Chevdo

bhakharwadi and lilo chevdo

Just imagine, waking up in the morning with Garam Chai and Bhakharwadi every day before leaving for day’s work! Now imagine, waking up to a Canadian morning with beef bacon/ Muffin (Which is generally a dough with sugar syrup) and same old Double Double Coffee. Ouch! Not at all a Good Morning!

2) Incomparable Morning Schedule

nisarg mankad canada story

Now once you are done with your morning breakfast delight, just compare your daily morning walk in the lush green Kamatibaug in Vadodara to a Gloomy and Snowy morning in Canada where you have to stay indoors as the temperature is almost minus 15. The lack of sunlight in Canada offers a risk of SAD. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder subset in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year exhibit depressive symptoms at the same time each year, most commonly in winter.

3) Privilege to stay with your Loved Ones

If you think you will be enjoying the metro life and lavish lifestyle in Canada, then just think about the quality of life you get when you are sitting next to your dad and having Garma-Garam Chapatis made by your Mom. Just think of you hanging out at chai ki tapri and having Chai-Sutta with your friends every evening. Just think of you playing cricket every Sunday morning at Navlakhi Ground. Can all these be replaced by mere Clubs, Downtown Malls, and Lonely dinners at your 5*5 room?

A Big NO!

4) Costly Living in Canada

costly living in canada

Life is amazing in Canada only when you have completed your studies and are earning as a full-time employee in some big companies. Keep in mind the rent (400 CAD) Grocery bills (200 CAD) Transportation (120 CAD) and other miscellaneous expenses (100 CAD) This comes to a total of nearly 800 CAD which is equal to 45000 Rs. And remember, this is the cost of living a basic life without any major entertainment!

Now, just think that if you are staying with your family, how much amount of money can you save if you are working in a reputed company. Not to forget that you can always call up your family and friends at every festival as well as in times of struggles.

5) The Main Reason

love for india

Leaving aside all these struggles, there is one more and major reason why our home city Vadodara is better than Canadian city. The satisfaction and pride of staying in your “HOMELAND” Land which has given you everything. Is it fair that you leave your Home country just for the sake of having a fake lavish lifestyle and paying the cost of leaving your family alone? I don’t think it’s a fair deal to make!

Thankfully, I am coming back soon to relive my good old days!

Maru Vadodara Shresht Vadodara!

Jai Hind!