Buying a new designer bag feels great! Your new bag will feel like a piece of luxury that you can take with you everywhere, adding a new dimension to all of your outfits. Of course, you probably felt the same way about your current bag back when you first bought it too, so if you are just getting a new one for a change to go with your new season’s outfits (for example switching from a more colourful summery day bag to something darker for the autumn), or you just decided you needed a new bag for other reasons (for example wanting a bigger one because you want to be able to carry your tablet around in it), you probably want to do something useful with the old one, rather than put it away and forget about it until your next big wardrobe clear out.

Here are some ideas for your old bag:

Stylish Storage

If you love the way your old bag looks but just want to make way for something a bit different, such as the gorgeous Saint Laurent bags you can find in their latest collection, all available at luxury online retailer SSENSE, then there are ways you can use your old bag in your room as a decorative way of storing some things. You could clean out your old bag and use it as a place to store scarves, belts and other accessories (you can also find beautiful designer accent pieces like these at SSENSE). Have it hanging up in your wardrobe or on a door as a chic way to store both the bag itself and some of your other favourite things!

Put it in Your Rotation!

If you are just a bit bored of that bag or it doesn’t have the right look for the coming season, then storing it away to bring out again at a later date is perfectly reasonable. However, don’t just stash it away as is. Make sure you clean it thoroughly, inside and out using methods appropriate for the materials it is made of (being extra careful and using leather guard if you want to on leather bags), and store it in a cool dry place where it won’t fade or get damp. You can put some silica gel sachets in there if you have any from old shoe boxes or from your new bag.

Sell it

Designer bags can be a good thing to sell second-hand, whether through local second-hand luxury goods shops or online auction sites like eBay. You can also sometimes find groups where people sell and trade items like this on Facebook. If you don’t want your old bag taking up space but want to see that someone gets some use out of it, this can be a great way to do it and also make some money back to put towards your new designer bag!

If the bag is not in good condition anymore, at least, not good enough to sell, but is still usable, then another option is to donate it to a homeless charity. They sometimes package together bags with toiletries and other essentials and give them out to homeless women.

These are just some ideas for what to do about your old bag when you invest in a new one!