A Brazilian family has put forward a shocking revelation, stating doubt that their 37-year-old relative, named Rosangela Almeida, might have been buried even though she was still alive by mistake. 

This bizarre assertion started to post her official declaration of death in January 2018, owing to septic shock and heart attacks as stated on her death certificate. 

The family speculated that she might have been there conscious within her coffin for about 11 days, fighting to get off after being laid to rest.

Woman buried alive in Brazil

Riachao das Neves, situated in northern Brazil, turned out to be the backdrop for a bizarre tale that made families question the destiny of their loved one, Rosangela Almeida.

Reports of strange noises near Almeida’s burial site let off alarm bells in the family. Visitors in the cemetery stated to have heard particular sounds of banging and crying emerging from the stone tomb where Almeida had been buried.

Her family ran off too the scene when they heard these goosebumps giving noises and hurriedly dug up the grave.

The process revealed a series of weird findings. Almeida’s wrists and forehead had visible injuries, raising unanswered questions. Inside the coffin, hints of blood further added to the mystery.

Woman buried alive in Brazil

The loose nails on the coffin lid were equally perplexing, hinting at circumstances that deviated from the norm.

Family members claimed that these injuries were not present at the time of her initial burial.

Witnesses there at the exhumation presented different accounts, increasing from a complex situation to an already heartbreaking situation. Some stated that the body had a sense of warmth, giving out the case that Almeida had not been gone off for an extended period.