Are you searching for latest Bitcoin price : Are you searching which are the best Cryptocurrency at the moment and how to check Bitcoin Price? You have come to the perfect place. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. Cryptocurrency uses an encryption technique to maintain the generation of cryptocurrencies. The reason behind increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies is because of its independence. No bank can regulate the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one such cryptocurrency which was made in 2009 by an anonymous person using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. At first, it didn’t receive much attention and no monetary value as assigned to it as it was never traded, only mined. One person first sold 10,000 bitcoin for two pizzas. If the person is still hung onto that bitcoin, it worths $100 million now.

A bitcoin price and it’s transaction is completely secure as the user identity is never revealed apart from the wallet id. The bitcoin transaction procedure uses blockchain method with is highly secure. All these features played a key role to increase the popularity of bitcoin; however the bitcoin price changes every moment. If you want to invest some money in trading bitcoins, you need to keep an eye on the bitcoin price. There are several “bitcoin exchange” companies out there that allow people to see the live changes in bitcoin price and let them buy and sell bitcoin. However, there are few cases of bitcoin exchange hack, and millions of bitcoins were stolen. As bitcoin start to gain huge popularity, the idea of encrypted and decentralized currencies caught attention. The bitcoin alternatives provide more feature than bitcoin, and the increasing popularity assures greater returns.

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How To Check Latest Bitcoin Price And Which Are Best Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2018

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Bitcoin Price and Best Bitcoin Alternatives To Buy In 2018

1) Dash | P2P Cryptocurrency Dash

Dash (DASH) is an open privacy-centric open source digital Cryptocurrency with provides instant transaction. It does not to reveal your identity hence, keeping your finances private and make transactions in no time similar to a cash transaction.

PRIVATE – Dash uses a technology called darksened, that keeps your payments private, and nobody can track you.

LOW FEES – The transaction costs are much lower compared to other currencies even lower than bank credit or debit cards.

INSTANT – InstantX technology used by Dash sends the money to the client instantly.
PEER TO PEER – You don’t have to depend on a centralized third party as it uses the
decentralized network.

SECURE – A 2-tier network system and advanced encryption are used for complete security.

GLOBAL – No limitations of sending money, you can send it anywhere in the world.

2) Safecoin | Self-Encryption Digital Token

Safecoin is another emerging cryptocurrency. Going by the name you can clearly assume that it is a highly secure cryptocurrency. It has a built-in feature that ensures all the users in the existing network are given the value they are providing. Now, let’s find out its working procedure, the distribution of Safecoin depends entirely on the SAFE network algorithm. No human being is involved in this procedure. It is pre determined that only 4.3 billion coins will be mined and available for circulation, each of the coins will have its unique identity. When a user exchanges the coin for the network services, the safecoins will be recycled. It makes sure there will be enough supply for the user to earn.

Login : There is no middle-man involved. Hence, the login procedure is secure.

Self-Encryption : The Data can encrypt itself and with itself.

Distributed network : It uses distributed network with data catching opportunity. Built-In redundancy with Data availability, Unnecessary duplicates are removed automatically.

3) Steem | Blockchain Based Social Media Currency

Steem is a social media platform that is blockchain-based. Anyone can earn reward here. Tipping cryptocurrency platforms ask users to give up something to reward other users for their contributions. The process of Steem rewards is as simple as someone voting for a post. It is like posting something on Reddit or liking a post on Facebook. The blockchain is distributed in the form of 50% Steem Power payout for voting and 50% Steem Dollars. These rewards are distributed in blockchains; it is similar to how miners are rewarded for bitcoin mining. Within 24 hours of submitting the vote and the content, the users are rewarded with Steem rewards. Steem derived from the term esteem, which means value or prize. It is also a homophone for steam which is involved with the term power, in addition to that it is also associated with English idioms, and for example, “this conversation is picking up steam.” All these things highly justify its name.

4) Litecoin | Open Source P2P Digital Currency

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency which provides near-zero cost payments instantly and anywhere in the world. Litecoin is a global payment network which is fully decentralized and is not regulated by any authority; since it is also open source as it uses P2P technology. Litecoin gives individuals a secure network to control their finances with the help of mathematics. Litecoin can instantly confirm a transaction without taking any time and improves the storage efficiency. It is better than other math-based cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is proven to be the perfect substitute of bitcoin because of its industry support, liquidity, and trade volume.

Open Source Software – Under the license of MIT/X11, an open source software project called Litecoin was released which enables you to copy and modify the software without any copyright harassment. You can also distribute the modified version of the software at your option. There was complete transparency while developing the software that enables independent verification of the source code and the binaries.

Blockchain – Compared to its counterpart – Bitcoin, The Litecoin blockchain is more capable of handling the very high volume of transactions. The block generation is more frequent in Litecoin, and the network support is higher with the ability to transact more amount without making any modifications to the software. As a result, the confirmation time for a transaction is way faster compared to other cryptocurrencies. It can wait for confirmations for a greater amount of transactions.

Wallet Encryption – While you are keeping your Litecoins on the litecoin wallet, it ensures security. You check your account balance and transaction history till date. You can activate two-step verification while spending Litecoin for more security. This helps to protect your wallet from theft and viruses or trojans to steal your valuable money.

Mining Reward – Miners are rewarded with 25 litecoins for discovering a new block, and the amount gets halved after every four years (every the 840,000 blocks). Hence, Litecoin will produce 84 million coins which are four times higher compared to bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price : How to Get Bitcoin Price Online of Best Cryptocurrency

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5) Peercoin | Secure & Sustainable Cryptocoin

Peercoin is one of the most secure cryptocoin with the lowest transaction cost. It offers its users an annual 1% PPC return to strengthen the network when mining. It is a true alternative to bitcoin. However, its codes are based on bitcoin. It is the first ever cryptocurrency that provides proof of its stakes for a more trusted and secure network. The Proof of Work also plays a key role to promote their policy of fair coin distribution. Although, it is not necessary as far as the security of the network is concerned.

Fair Distribution – To spread the distribution of new coins proof of work mining is used, while the proof of the stake mining is used, to maintain the security of the network. This overcomes the security glitches in bitcoin mining like selfish mining.

Compatible with Bitcoin – The same mining algorithm is used in Peercoin which is used to mine bitcoin known as SHA-256. Any hardware that is compatible with bitcoin mining, that same hardware can be used to mine peercoin.

Sustainable Reward – The reward to mine a block is gradually shrinking as the power of computing growing. Over time, mining cryptocurrency will have an ever-decreasing impact on the money supply.

6) Namecoin

Namecoin is a unique cryptocurrency. It is the first experimental cryptocurrency that uses open source technology with improved decentralization, censorship-resistant, secure and private. The speed of certain components that are used in the Internet infrastructure like DNS, and identities. Namecoin is one of the most innovative “altcoin” that has the potential to substitute bitcoin. It was first of its kind to implement merged mining and a DNS that is decentralized. It was also the first to solve the Zooko’s Triangle. Zooko’s Triangle deals with the long-standing problem of providing a naming system that is secure. Decentralized, human-meaningful and simultaneous what more do you wish for?

  • Namecoin protects the right to free-speech online. It makes the web market more resistant to censorship.
  • You can attach identity information such as OTR, GPG keys, and email, Bitmessages, Bitmessage addresses and bitcoins to an identity of your choice
  • Human-meaningful Tor.onion domains
  • TLS (HTTPS) certificate validation procedure is decentralized; it is backed by blockchain consensus.
  • One can use .bit top-level domain to access webpages
  • There have been some ideas Proposed such as file signatures, bonds/stocks/shares, voting, notary services, and web of trust and proof of existence to be implemented

7) Primecoin | Innovative Cryptocurrency

Primecoin, which has been inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin, is another innovative Cryptocurrency. This is one form of a digital currency that has been secured by the cryptography. It has been issued through a mining market that is decentralized. Primecoin introduces to the miners a unique kind of proof-of-work that is based on the prime numbers.

Advantages of Primecoin – The innovative proof-of-work in Primecoin not only provides minting and security to the network. It also produces prime number chains to interest mathematical research. Compared to bitcoin, primecoin network is energy-multiuse.

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8) Novacoin | Scrypt Hashing BitCoins Novacoin

Novacoin is a coin which has some of the best features. This coin has a unique method by which it can utilize both the Proof-of-work as well as Proof-of-stake for the generation of the block with target limits that are separated in order to make it unique and stand out. Although you might find that Novacoin shares certain similarities with PPCoin but because of Novacoin’s independent codebase and ideologies the comparison cannot be performed. Here are some of the features of Novacoin.

  • Novacoin uses a latest version of the bitcoin as a base.
  •  It has the different model of emission
  • Function Scrypt hashing for the proof work is used in NovaCoin.
  • Both proofs of the stake and proof of the work are used for the score computation chain trust.
  • It has a separate target limit.
  • It has not block signature for proof of the work.

9) Feathercoin | Open Source Internet Currency

Feathercoin is an internet Currency that is free from the central banks or any other institution. This technology makes the older system of banking which makes use of the peer-to-peer technique. Here the payments can be easily processed by any person who has computer hardware that is affordable with the help of free software. This work comes with the advantage of newer feathercoins that are made available and issued by the network. Based on NeoScrypt, feathercoin has implemented and makes use of many features which are completely new and have not been seen in most of the crypto coins. There are “open source projects” for T-shirt wallets, ATM ’s, projects based on Raspberry Pi and so on. Some of the features that make feathercoin stand out from most are:

  • It makes use of NeoScrypt Algorithm.
  • It rewards 80 coins per block.
  • It facilitates a total of up to 336 million coins.
  • The block target is 1.0 minutes.
  • The block rewards become half after 2100000 blocks.
  • Every block can be retargeted with 15, 120 and 480 averages of blocks and also 25% damping.
  • 9337 is the default RPC port for mining.

10) Ethereum Classic

Since the time of the inception of Ethereum classic, there has been a wide range of opportunities for the bitcoin miners. If you are in doubt that which token is right now the most profitable one mine then ETC is the one. ETC has been attracting substantial power of hash, and also there is no cost for switching. So if you are a Kiner, then it is the best for you to choose ETC for Ethereum Foundation will soon be abandoning the miners and will switch to the PoS model. Ethereum Classic shall continue to employ all the robust as well as the time-tested security model of POW. It will be rewarding all the miners. So make the most out of your investment and mine the Ethereum Classic

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