Best Text Editors For Mac : It does not matter if you have just started in the coding world, or have been doing this for ages; a good text editor is a tool which every developer should have. Depending on whether you are developing programs or web designs some editor may be more suitable for you than others. Overall, text editor makes the job of coding much more comfortable and smooth flowing.

Here Are Some Of The Best Text Editors For Mac

Best Text Editors For Mac1) UltraEdit:

This is commercial software and one of the best Text Editors for Mac, which has a trial period of about 30 days. The application boasts of several helpful features. As a developer, you will find many useful tools in this application such as file type conversion, code folding, configurable syntax highlighting, file encryption as well as decryption. Thus, this software is packed with several additions which make it worth a try.

2) Atom:

This is an open source and free text editors for Mac that is already packed with several useful features. Since it is an open source application, it is highly customizable. You can easily change anything that you do not like about it, and even add extra functionality to the application by installing any of the open-source packages that are available. The application has an extremely easy to use interface, and it helps you create a working environment which is conducive to your workflow.

3) Komodo Edit:

This open source application which is completely free for Mac users. The application has several useful features such as autocompletion, markdown viewer, capacity to track changes as well as sets of icon and skin. Additionally, the application also supports multiple languages, has a user-friendly toolbox, and offers a project manager as well. These features make the application quite user-friendly, and since it is an open source application, users can add customized features to it as and when they want.

4) Sublime Text: This is a popular text editor for Mac which is used by many developers. The application has many useful features; however, the most important one is the “Goto” feature. As the name of the feature suggests, this “goto” feature allows you to jump anywhere that you want in the code; whether you are looking for a symbol or a particular line, you can jump straight to it in no time at all. Apart from this the application s also highly customizable and has many plug-in features that users can add as and when they find it necessary. The application is easy to navigate, and perhaps the only drawback that it has is its price. The text editor is pricey, but if you are going to be using it every day, you will find that shelling out the buck for it can be helpful in your work.

5) Brackets: This application mainly focuses on web design, if you are a web designer or a front-end editor, then this is the perfect tool for you. Adobe has developed this application as an open source application. This means that though it has all of the high-quality functionality of an Adobe product, this application is completely free and supported by it is the community. As Adobe develops this application, it has many features which work well with other Adobeapplicaiotn. For example, there is an “extract” feature that allows you to extract font, text, gradient, etc., from Photoshop. The most useful feature that this application has to offer is the live preview feature. It allows users to get a preview of the changes that they make in their code, and allows them to check for any mistakes and helps keep track of what they are doing. It is especially useful when you are a web designer. Like with any other open source application, users can add extensions to customize the application to suit their needs.

These were the top 5 best Text Editor For Mac by our editors. We have more in the list for you if you are looking for some alternatives to use in your Mac.

6) Coda 2: This is another application which would be quite useful for web developers. It is packed with several useful features such as project-wide autocompletion, code folding, syntax highlighting for many different languages, find and replace options, indentation guides, fast commenting and shifting of codes as well as automatic tag completion. The application also includes a WebKit preview which helps in live previewing the changes made to the code, and it also includes a web profiler and debugger. The application also allows users to open files and edit them remotely on FTP, WebDAV, SFTP or Amazon S3 servers. The application also supports various plug-in and extensions which allows users to be able to customize the application t their liking.

7) Visual Studio Code: Developed by Microsoft, this application has been tweaked for Mac in such a way that you will not be able to notice any discernible changes between the windows and the mac counterparts. Like all other editors in the list, this application too comes packed with features which help developers. However, ti also has an extensive plug-in and extensions library that not only allows you to add more features to the application but also customize some of the existing ones f necessary. The application offers syntax highlighting for more than 30 languages, it has a keyboard-centric approach to code, and its source code editor is extremely fast. It has an easy to use interface which can also be customized to suit your workflow. Visual Studio Code is considered as one of the best Text editors for Mac OS that you will find in the market.

8) TextWrangler: This application provides users with an old school feel and is perfect for those users who have just started with coding and text editors. This application lacks some of the features of the premium version, such as the ability to live preview any changes made to the code, but it does have several other useful features and works exceptionally well as a stepping stone for newbies. The application offers syntax highlighting, multiple file search and replace as well as the ability to r=edit files remotely using FT and SFTP servers.

9) Code Runner 2: This is an affordable text editor which has been designed specifically for Mac users. It is feature packed but is also highly customizable. The user interface is straightforward which makes it easy t use and it has helpful features such as file and symbol navigator, debugging support, as well as support for 23 languages among others. You can write in your favourite language. Isn’t that cool.

10) Textastic: This application supports syntax highlighting for over 80 source codes and languages. It is one of the most Mac-friendly text editors that you will find at an affordable price. You can quickly navigate among files, and it also has iCloud support. This is a capable text editor which is designed for Mac users.

With the help of this list of powerful text editors, you will find that you can deliver your work much faster than before. These tools are helpful additions in any developer’s life.

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