People are now open to multiple investment options. Previously, people lacked clarity about investing in the stock market. But as things shifted online, everyone started grasping the concept. Nowadays, many leading agencies help you invest appropriately in the stock market to get a profitable return. You can have multiple investment options; excellent returns and one can liquidate it whenever they want. But for having expert knowledge, you need to take the aid of the top stock brokers. So, we have listed the ten best stock brokers in India that will guide you throughout the process.

Know whom to trust and which plans to ignore once you choose the right broker for yourself. Check the list to find everything about these companies.

1) ICIC Direct

It is the 2nd largest retail stockbroker offering exclusive perks to its customers. Various investments options are available for both retail and institutional customers. One just needs to visit the website to access the wide range of investment options. These include mutual funds & IPO, fixed deposit, home loans, bonds, Derivatives Trading, wealth products, NCD, etc. You can pick the one which you would love to invest in.

2) Zerodha Broking Limited

Starting its journey in 2010, Zerodha launched the imitative of discount broking in India. This platform is a three-way trading platform for today’s generation. It offers low brokerage impeccable exposure and is a certified web-based broker. It is among the best stock brokers in India as it occupies the 3rd largest position in the thriving market.

3) 5 Paisa

It is quite a famous name in the stock market. 5 Paisa introduced the Zero Account Maintenance Charge to have better control over the market, which was made effective from January 1st, 2021. The main USPs is that this platform helps deal with Equity, Currency of NSE, and BSE on a highly discounted rate and even F&O. Finally, you do not have to pay any AMC or Account Maintenance Charge if you open a Demat Account with 5 Paisa. It is the most accessible way to make more profit.

4) HDFC Securities

Being one of the largest private banks, it is also considered a leading full-service stockbroker. The best feature is that you can operate online trading through the phone. Some of the exciting advantages of HDFC Securities are that it allows Day Trading on NSE and BSE accounts, permits online IPO Investments, Cash-n-Carry on NSE and BSE, FD, ETFs, and much more. Besides, the maintenance charge is also kept pretty low.

5) Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal has risen to fame due to its extensive expertise in trading and investment. It is operating in 500+ cities and 2,200+ Business Locations. The multitude of services and products it provides are Retail Broking and Distribution, Mutual Funds, Foreign Institutional Investors. Private Equity, Private Wealth Management, etc. It has its trading app apart from the desktop training platform for online trading. Besides, they also excel in providing advice and solutions for assisting in investment.

6) SBI Cap Securities

Having the largest bank in India indeed comes with certain benefits. SBI has its own brokerage house named SBI Cap Securities. It is surely the top broker in India with various trading products and services. Plus, it is known for its unique 3-in-1 account facilities. The best thing about it is that it serves corporate, institutions, individuals, and NRIs. To offer a seamless experience, they have a help desk for addressing all the issues of the NRIs. It takes a minimal amount of Rs 850 to open the account, and the AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge is only Rs 500. So, anyone can avail of the benefits.

7) Sharekhan

A Mumbai-based full-service broking house with over 2 million customers, it is one of the top-tier companies. To be precise, it even operates internationally in Oman and other UAE cities. This company pioneered the concept of an online trading website by making its online launch and introducing many different options. One can invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Equity, and much more. But it also provides analytical research reports, news on the share market, stock quotes, etc., to those customers who show interest. They have expanded their services after their years of struggle.

8) Upstox (RKSV)

The bigger the name, the better solutions you will get. You can find the name of Upstox in the list of the ten best stock brokers in India. Customers get the free-trade option for trying their luck before investing in a full-fledged manner. People can also gain value-centric education to learn about the stock market before investing in it. Above all, it has cutting-edge tools for allowing smooth trading facilities through Equity Intraday, F&O, etc. The investor can choose to conduct tradings on commodities and currency derivatives for Rs. 20 per order only. You can call this a customer-friendly platform.

9) Angel Broking

Probably amongst the oldest stock brokers in India, Angle Broking commenced its unique journey in 1987. With more than 30-years of experience, it has satisfied the interests of over 1 million clients worldwide. Trading facilities such as BSE, NSE, F&O, Equity NCDEX & MCC, and many more offerings are there. After competitors arrived, they have upgraded their business model and started charging flat rates. The Angle Group is officially a part of the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, NCDEX, and MCX. So, one can assume the stronghold it has over the market.

10) Edelweiss

Edelweiss, another company that launched itself in the late 1900s, was founded in 1995. It has over 6000 employees, and its worth currently stands at INR 32,000 Crore. They have such an intense clarity of this business that they soon acquired certain massive companies such as Anagram Capital, Forefront, and the business giant JP Morgan AMC (India).

Now that you know which ones are the top 10 brokers of India make a wise decision before investing. Remember, smart investment can change your life forever! Which broker is your favorite?