We know that you sometimes need a break from fantasies, mysteries, and classics, and try your hands on some erotic novels. If your idea of erotic novels is ‘books on sex’, then you are completely wrong. It is much more than that. All erotic novels are not only about rough sexual scenes, BDSM, and rich men. But, is a great love story that will keep you hooked to the book. Just ask yourself what is your taste in sensuality and you will have the perfect erotic novel for you. So, let’s not waste another moment but dive into the list of the 50 best erotic novels of all time.

Best Erotic Books Of All Time

Best Erotic Books Of All Time

Let’s dive straight into the list of best erotic books of all time without wasting any time. Check out all the books below.

1) Emmanuelle

Author – Emmanuelle Arsan

About the book – This is the story of a French bisexual woman who starts exploring her desires, and fantasies. The plot is based on 1967. It is better to say that there is a minimum plot and you get to get a piece of how Emmanuelle explores her fantasies from men to women on a flight to a squash court.

2) Forever

Author – Judy Blame

About the book – This is a book that is about exploring sexuality during teenage times. The book includes exploring the desire for sex for the first time. the quotes from this book will give you goosebumps. However, you can go find out more and know why it got banned from some school libraries.

3) The ThornBirds

Author – Colleen McCullough

About the book – It covers a story about a tv serial type romance. And knows how a tv soap lover wants their erotica to be. The book was later adopted as a tv series in the 80s. the tv series had a lot of women hooked to it and was a major hit during that time. it is a good blend of erotica and romance.

4) The MacGregor Brides

Author – Nora Robert

About the Book – This book is just meant for you if you’re a rom-com fan. This falls under the genre of contemporary romance. It has a woman as its lead character, who is dealing with her life with full independency and still managing to get a slice of erotic romance.

5) Outlander

Author – Diana Galbaldon

About the series – This is the name of the series. Under this name, there are eight novels. Most of it is about sturdy men in kilts, time-traveling, handsome men, and historical fiction. The plot is based in Scotland. It is a novel that has the potential to get you hooked on all of the books.

6) The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick

Author – Zane

About the book – This book is about the soror sisters’ erotic movie by some sturdy black women. The APF or Alpha Phi Fuckem is a club for private investments. This is only meant for professionals who have a knack for sex and wild parties. The book also talks about a first-year law student and her dating life.

7) Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Vol. 4

Editor – Rachel Kramer Bussel

About the booklets, clear it off at first, this is not an erotic ‘novel, but an anthology series that has stories of gays, characters with multiple partners, and hetero characters. If you do not want to stride through pages of a love story then go for this series. It has some truly erotic sex scenes. Get ready for some hard-hitting BDSM.

8) The Wedding Date

Author – Jasmine Guillory

About the book – It is erotica with some of the best-written sex scenes. This is ideal if you want to have chick romance and some smoking hot sex scenes. It also has a prevocational plot that unwinds and explores an interracial relationship. Go for this if you want the best combination of romance and erotic.

9) Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy

Author – Joanne Angel

About the book – This is a story of finding an adventure for an individual almost like Bandersnatch, but with the bled of sex scenes in the perfect amount. This is a book where we get to explore a grad student who works at a sex shop in Florida. It can be the erotica you have been looking for.

10) The Cocktail Series: Wallbanger

Author – Alice Clayton

About the book – This is the perfect book for you if your taste meets humor, cute dates with erotic sex scenes. The story unfolds how Caroline encounters her neighbor having sensual sex with many women. She is still disturbed because of the breakup she recently had. But, she gradually finds her way to satisfaction.

11) Montana Sky

Author – Nora Roberts

About the book – This book explores sex life through the country’s lands. From rolling on a pile of hay and exploring sisters, the book includes everything you need to feel the country winds on your face. But, it is just not erotica it also involves a mystery of a murder. This was also adapted as a movie.

12) Dance off Series: Take the Lead

Author – Alexis Daria

About the book – Dance and some sizzling sex, can erotica get any hotter? The book has reached some new heights with this one. It is a story about a Puerto Rican professional dancer trying to avoid the lust for her dance partner which result in a sizzling sexual chemistry between them.

13) The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Author – J.R. Ward

About the book – The story of the book unravels the story of wanting and sensual sex between a masculine, not taking ‘no’ for answer men and sassy, intelligent, and self-dependent women. This was a best-selling novel. You can definitely give this one a try.

14) The Kiss Quotient

Author – Helen Hoang

About the book – Stella, who is an econometrician on the Autism spectrum and Michael who is a Vietnamese-Swedish-American escort has sizzling chemistry with some sensual sex. They try to keep things professional but gradually fail. She is a female protagonist you have never come across.

15) The Sookie Stackhouse Novels/The Southern Vampire Mysteries

Author – Charlaine Harris

About the book – This book has played a major role in inspiring the Tv series true Blood which was broadcasted on HBO. Get a slice of how getting seduced by panthers, weretigers and other supernatural things feel like. If vampires and other supernatural beings are your things then go for this book.

16) Lords of the Underworld

Author – Gena Showalter

About the book – This book is meant for those who love Roman and Greek mythology. Greek and Roman mythology both are known to be keen on sizzling events and handsome gods and goddesses. The plot is not much, the writing mostly revolves around erotic scenes.

17) Face the Fire, Three Sisters Island Trilogy Book 3

Author – Nora Roberts

About the book – The story revolves around how an owner of a hotel, the only hotel on an island tries to win back the heart of Mia Devlin who is one of the three sisters. Sam starts with a cold introduction, which angers Mia and increases her affection for him. You will be hooked on this book if you are into warlocks and witches.

18) Call me by your name

Author – André Aciman

About the book – This book was later made into a great movie. If you have already watched the movie, try to read the novel as well. Ever had a major confusing crush on a person during your teenage days? Then this is the perfect book for you. It’s unbelievable how Aciman made it so real with easy words to understand.

19) I am a woman

Author – Ann Banon

About the book – the book is set in the 50s and 60s; it reveals how things were for a gay person at that time and that too in a village. You will encounter an erotic novel through the life of a gay person and get to know why Ann Baron is known as the “Queen of Lesbian Pulp Fiction.”

20) Lover at last

Author – J.R Ward

About the book – This is another story that includes hot sex scenes and vampires. And when there are vampires, you know there is no end to fantasies, hot bodies, and steaming erotic scenes. If you loved the brotherhood Dagger Brotherhood, then you will also love this book as well.

21) Try

Author – Ella Frank

About the book – This is exactly meant for you if you are into steamy sex and sizzling romance then this is the perfect book for you. However, the story of this book revolves around one or multiple men. The plot includes a great hot romance that would not want to miss.

22) Crossfire Series 

Author – Sylvia Day

About the book – If you have read Fifty-shades, but are unsatisfied due to loosely written characters and developed storyline then this is the book for you. It has better and hotter sex scenes with more sensible characters. You would love how well-written the sex scenes are.

23) Beautiful Bastard

Author – Christian Lauren

About the book – Let’s pull another reference to the Fifty shades trilogy. This is the perfect book for you if you just cannot get enough of the fifty-shade trilogy and its erotic hot sex scenes. The novel actually started as fanfiction. This can be a great change of taste.

24) The siren

Author – Tiffany Reisz

About the book – If you are up for a non-regular love story, but hot sex scenes where BDSM is also explored then this is the book for you. Move over, cliché romance, and make space for some nail-digging erotic scenes. This erotica is just too real, for soft hearts to handle.

25) Compromise

Author – Kate Noble

About the Book – Most of us got engaged in a mismatched love story, this book is also about a couple who are a complete mismatch for each other but they still end up in a very controversial situation. The book has some great sex scenes that will keep you glued to the pages.

26) Romancing Mr.Bridgerton

Author – Julia Quinn

About the book – The book revolves around a woman who has forever adored her friend’s brother but failed to confront him. She feels she knows everything about her. Her bubble breaks when she got to know some of his deepest secrets which makes her realize she does not know the person at all.

27) Dreaming of you

Author – Lisa Kleypas

About the Book – in between Sara Fielding’s going from a country house to researching a novel she comes across a ghastly crime. The story is about how she saves her life from a dangerous man and you get a slice of erotica in between all this. It has a great plot and hot sex scenes. What else do you want?

28) Follow my Lead

Author – Kate Noble

About the Book – yes yet another Kate Noble book has made it to this list. It is about a duke coming across an escort during his trip across Europe. He falls utterly in love with this person and realizes he would even marry her to keep her safe. It is a great book with a hint of a royal love story, struggles, and yes of course erotic sex scenes.

29) The Rough Riders Series: Long Hard Ride

Author – Lorelei James

About the book – Countryside romance fiction is great and when it is blended with hot sex scenes it becomes the best of all you just cannot afford to miss it when it involves cowboys. The book has a good plot line that you would enjoy as it unravels slowly.

30) Best of Gay Erotica 3

Author – Richard Labonte

About the book – This is not a novel but an anthology. The author has pulled out some of the most steaming and bold sex scenes through some hard-hitting stories that are beautifully written. He made sure that this stands as a milestone in the field of gay erotica. This is the third collection in the series.

31) Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year

Author – Sacchi Green, ED

About the Book – This is also an anthology, which has been written by some of the most famous lesbian and romantic authors. This covers all that gives you the taste of everything from hooking-ups to long-term relationships and some great hot scenes. If you are trying to avoid reading long erotic novels you can give this a try.

32) Best American Erotica

Author – Susie Bright, ED

About the book – this is another anthology n this list, but worth it. It has many hot erotic scenes that you would love to experience. This was last published in 2008 and no publication after that. The fans surely miss it. But, you should not miss this if you want to experience some hot erotica.

33) Best Fetish Erotica

Author – Cara Bruce

About the book – Another Anthology on the list, but it totally deserves it. If corsets, girdles, cross-dressing, giving, or getting pleasure is what you want to read then this is the best anthology you can get your hands on. Thomas Roche, Greg Wharton, and more also contributed to this.

34) Best Black Women’s Erotica

Author – Blanche Richardson

About the book – It is not written by just one but several writers like in other anthologies. It contains the 25 most sizzling stories that you can experience through the eyes and hearts of black women. It represents to you a huge range of styles and variations in sex scenes. Some other authors are Diane McKinney-Whetstone, Barbara Neely, Renee Swindle, and more.

35) Best Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction

Author – Cecilia Tan, ED

About the book – Yet another anthology. This book takes you on a ride through fantasies and healthy sex. This contains 17 stories that are hand-picked by Cecilia Tan. You would love how every story is so different from the others and has some of the most erotic scenes.

36) Thrones of desire

Author – Mitzy Szeto, ED

About the book – This anthology is completely inspired by the hit series Game of Thrones. This book revolves around the stories of mist, fire, and swords. This is one of the best fantasy anthology books of all time. You can surely enjoy this one.

37) The Sex Chronicles

Author – Zane

About the Book – This is a brilliant story of a housewife who starts by desiring her husband to experiment more and leads up to a secret group of a sorority of women that is almost underground. You will not be bored at any point in your reading.

38) Delta of Venus

Author – Anais Nin

About the Book – This is a great blend of lust, lushness, and romance. This is one of the great representations of one’s imagination. You get to know how a Hungarian adventure entices a rich woman, cons her, and flees with her money. This is truly one of the best pieces of erotica.

39) The Claiming of sleeping beauty

Author – A. N Roquelaure

About the book – The author tells the story of sleeping beauty with a twist. In this story, we get the sensual version of Sleeping Beauty. Here the princess wakes from her sleep when enticed by sexual intentions. It is beautifully written, and it unravels a great story.

40) Gordon

Author – Edith Templeton

About the book – It is a book about a psychiatrist who goes on a venture into a sexual and romantic way of life with Louisa. The woman in the story starts realizing her unsettling history still haunts her when she gets into relation with this psychiatrist. It is erotica with a deep-seated story that you would like to know.

41) Killing Johnny Fry

Author – Walter Mosley

About the book – This is a book about a man who wants revenge. He caught his girlfriend cheating on him red-handed. Now he wants vengeance. This is a great story of a man wanting revenge and also trying to change his life. It is excellent erotica as well.

42) G-spot – An Urban Erotic Tale

Author – Noire

About the book – It is a story of a nineteen-year-old girl who is the owner of the notorious club known as G-spot Social club. She is also someone’s girlfriend. The book is an excellent blend of teenage life and sensual erotica. It explores the ups and downs of teenage life.

43) Addicted

Author – Zane

About the book – You just cannot deny how sensual Zane’s writing is. It just keeps you glued to the book. This is a great book with a good amount of erotic scenes. It is a story of a rich businesswoman who wants to find her pleasure, in her own way. She confronts her desires with her therapist, which makes the story more interesting.

44) Bared To You

Author – Sylvia Day

About the Book – A heart-wrenching story with a good amount of erotic scenes. The characters go through some of the major character development of all time. If you are in search of erotica with a good storyline, then this is it.

45) Fifty Shades of Grey

Author – E L James

About the book – Many regard this book as one of the best erotic novels. And, yes it is true to some extent. It is a story about how a billionaire with a fetish for dominating his partner falls in love with a young girl. It shows how their story turns from one phase to the other.

46) Fifty Shades Darker

Author – E L James

About the Book – Another one from the Fifty-shade trilogy, this book is more about how the couple explores the history of Christian Grey. It is also great erotica. Character development is the major focus of the book, but it does not fail to deliver some hot erotic scenes.

47) Fifty Shades Freed

Author – E L James

About the book – This one is again from the Fifty-shade trilogy and talks about how Mr. Grey gets rid of his past horrors. He becomes a free man without his exclusive and sometimes risky fetishes.

48) The Mister

Author – E L James

About the book – Yet another E L James book has made it to the list and deserves it. It is not as hard-hitting as the Fifty Shades Trilogy but consists of some soft romance and a good amount of erotica.

49) Naked

Author – Gina Gordon

About the book – Violet, the main character, has not recovered from the tragedy. But, her neighbor sure does help her get wild sex and give her plenty of satisfaction.

50) To have and Master

Author – Sparrow Beckett

About the book – This is erotica with a great story. It is a story of a man who ultimately finds the girl of his dream, and now he just cannot let go of her. He will do anything to keep her in his life.

Conclusion about Best Erotic Books

We hope you loved the collection of the best Erotic books you need to read. If you know about any other book that might fit into this list then kindly comment below, We will be happy to add it to the list.