Looking for benefits of a live in relationship? We, In the 21st Century, couples think of a million things before tying the knot. Young couples today would rather experiment than get settled down directly. After all, it is a life long decision, and a tried and tested relationship is always better than something that would have to be started fresh.

Live In Relationship

Top 10 Benefits of A Live In Relationship

People now a days have become pretty open about this, so this culture can now be seen in various metropolitan cities. Also, live in relations are a space between a usual relationship and a lifelong commitment with the person, and thus it gives you good clarity over whether you would actually even like to go ahead with marriage. We’ve listed down some benefits of a live in relationship, so this would help you in making such a decision.

1) Financial Relief plays an important part in live in relationship

What happens in a marriage is that couples need to share in all their finances, be it opening a bank account, or mutual funds, but it’s different in the case of a live in relation. Here, couples can easily keep their financial matters to oneself and deal with it on their own. The sense of dependency and conflicts thus tend to reduce drastically.

2) More Time Together

Living together gets you to spend so much more time together. Couples usually are busy at work the whole day and thus are not able to meet each other, but in a live in relation that is not the case. You can easily spend the weekends together lounging on the couch and eating pizzas.

3) Breaking it off is easier

In case of a marriage, thinking of breaking it off seems like a strenuous task. There is so much legality which is involved, plus families are also part of the whole thing and it just becomes really difficult. Of course in a live in relation, there is no such thing and if it’s not working out between the two of you, it can be easily called off without involving other people.

4) Test Run

Live in relation is like a test run for marriage. It actually helps you judge the other person for what he/she actually is. It’s very easy to be on your best behavior when you meet each other occasionally, but once you start living together, it’s altogether a different story. You can judge exactly how the other person is to live with, and if you would be able to do this lifelong.

5) Mutual Respect

Mutual respect for each other is way more in the case of a live in relation. When marriage happens, couples start taking each other for granted, and this is one of the major reasons due to which they grow apart. This respect arises because they might lose the other if they can’t respect the others decisions and life choices.

6) Freedom

This is the best part of a live in relation. Couples do not have to give up anything at all, and also do not usually have to take up all the responsibilities of a marriage. Personal freedom is compromised in the case of a marriage, because any decision taken by any person affects the whole households, but in a live in this is not the case. Also, you get to live solely with each other, with no Mother in laws of Father in Laws to please.

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7) More Communication

A live in relation helps you to develop a better communication with each other. You start to get way more open about your life, your weaknesses and your insecurities. You get deeply connected to each other which is the first good step in the direction of a lifelong commitment.

8) You can check your compatibility level during live in relationship

In case of a live in relation, since you stay with the person for long hours, you can easily check the way the other person behaves and if the two of you are compatible together. This gives you a glimpse of how your married life is going to be and if you both are a good fit for each other or not.

9) Divorce is off the cards

Since you do not have the stamp of a marriage, so there is absolutely no scope of a divorce in this case. All you can do is break it off without going through the legal hassle. Thus, you can calmly separate with mutual respect and understanding which would be beneficial for both the parties in the long run.

10) You can get intimate whenever you want

Couples usually do not find the right places or time to cuddle and get intimate with each other, and a live in relation totally helps you with that. You don’t have to go around booking hotels, rather you have the comfort of your place to be with one another. And a physical relation with each other is as important as an emotional connection.

So now that we have told you amazing pros of being in a live in relation, we are sure that you would have no hesitation while planning to make one work. In this face paced world, this one is totally needed before you step into a marriage!

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