Do you love Apple Watch? Then here is the introduction of new features in the Apple Watch Series. The present comprehensive article is on Apple Watch Series 3: Latest features. There are many more unique features that you are going to get this time. Kindly refer our article and know about them.

Apple Watch Series 3  – What you will get?

If you are thinking that the features aren’t going to be beneficial, think once again. Apple always knows what customer wants and there are many exciting features with this new introduction.

No requirement of iPhone

Perhaps, the greatest limitation with the Apple Watch was the requirement of iPhone for using it. But, with the Apple Watch Series 3, you wouldn’t need to have an iPhone for using the Apple Watch. With this feature, you wouldn’t need an iPhone nearby for sending the messages as well as for making phone calls. Apple is taking their connectivity to a new level.

Stream Music

And the feature that every Music Lover would love to adore. Now, the Apple Watch Series 3 also allows you to stream music. You wouldn’t need a phone at all for it. As well as storing the music data will also be too much easy for us. What else do you expect from Apple?

Highly Efficient Bluetooth and WiFi

The Bluetooth and WiFi of the Apple Watch Series 3 are more efficient than ever. It will provide better connectivity to the people. The battery life will be more than 18 hours. What else do you expect to have? The watch will operate effectively till a long period of time without any kind of worry.

Direct Integration with Siri

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be working on the watchOS 4. It is the latest software for the watches. This makes it the best watch in the world when we compare it with the latest ones. This allows the direct integration with Siri.

Moreover, the other features include heart detection and various other features for benefitting our health. You will be enjoying various other benefits at a relevant cost. Now owning the Apple Watch Series 3 would be more of a pleasure.

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