Hey Guys, as you all are familiar with that we are covering the live streaming of Apple Event. These are some of the top announcements from the event. Our present compilation on, Apple Event Live Streaming: Top Announcements till now will cover all such aspects. These are the most important announcements.

Apple Event Live Streaming – Top Announcements

Here are the top announcements from Apple Event Live Streaming. With these announcements, Apple is going to offer plenty of things to us. Read about them in the below-given sections.

Apple Watch Series 3

With so many features such as data integration with Siri. You also wouldn’t require owning an iPhone for operating the Apple Watch. What else do you expect? Although it would be costly for most of the users, it’s worth it against the features Apple Watch is offering us with. Now owning the Apple Watch will be more beneficial for our pocket. Perhaps, with these features, you will be enjoying using the Apple Watch.

Apple TV Handles 4K

Another thing that we will get with Apple Event Live Streaming is Apple TV Handles 4K. It still continues to provide us with better picture quality and plenty of other features. And it’s still the most costly streaming boxes in the market. Now it is more easy for you to purchase a movie with the new Apple TV Handles 4K. For the second time today, we see Apple touting the technical specs of its upgrade. But what about showing us new things it can do? Why isn’t there a little microphone built into the new Apple TV so I can talk to Siri?

Apple iPhone 8

Now we are going to put before you the most interesting and awaited thing till now. The launch of iPhone 8 with the excellent features that we will get with the new phone. Till now the best features are glass front and back. That not only helps it collect more greasy fingerprints but could also be for wireless charging. What else do you want man?

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