United Arabian Emirates, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, and the USA – this is a short list of popular travel destinations worldwide. These places offer unique and special atmospheres anytime one steps on their lands – a mix of modernity and history, extraordinary architecture, delicious food, new cultures and mentalities, and lifetime memories. Despite countries being so different, the experiences are pretty similar – sightseeing, shopping, cuisine-checking, and just having fun.

When planning another journey of a lifetime, consider other options, the ones that go beyond the typical checklist, like Antarctica. A lot of us, when hearing this word, just think of cold and harsh weather conditions. However, this place is a treasure trove of miracles you will not encounter in any other place in the world.

Top reasons to go to Antarctica:

A visit to the End of the world

Antarctica is literally the End of the world. The White Continent or the Last Continent is the world’s southernmost point, which captures your breath upon seeing it for the first time. Those who like to collect the number of countries and continents visited, will definitely benefit from seeing the seventh continent, which is the driest, the coldest, the windiest, and the iciest place in the world. All these “the’” qualities will create an unforgettable once-in-the-lifetime experience.


Unique ecosystem

Antarctica is a huge icy desert. It has only winters and summers, with both being freezing cold. Therefore, it’s difficult for the living creatures. The main inhabitants are penguins, various types of whales, and seals. Unlike what many people think, white bears don’t live there, preferring the opposite part of the world – the Arctic.

Unique experience

Seeing untouched places of this highly populated world, kayaking in the waters surrounded by icebergs, astonishing photos, spectacular views, remoteness from the rest of humanity, and real cold – practically everything you do during the trip will be unique. It will feel like an upside-down experience compared to your typical trips.

There are many more reasons to visit this secluded space, however, its organization takes time and careful thinking. As it is a trip to the end of the world, literally, the expenses will also reach high levels, especially clothing, and transportation.

How to prepare for the Antarctica trip?

1) Choose the time

The best time to visit the dazzling wildlife of Antarctica starts in November and lasts till March. The temperature range can reach +10. Peak penguin watching is in late December and early January. Peak whale watching is in February and March. Other activities like snorkeling, kayaking, diving, etc., are accessible anytime.

2) Choose the cruise company

This is the most important part of the planning, as it influences your overall experience and the budget. Antarctica cruise will be your home during the time you are going to spend on the continent. Apart from checking the price, it’s important to consider the size of the ship, because it’s directly linked to the time you will have for activities for an on-land exploration.

antartica cruise

The best option is a small cruise ship, with a capacity of not more than 100 people. With this number of passengers, it is better to feel the spirit of unity, and you will all disembark every time the ship stops. Besides, don’t expect to have entertainment and fun on board like with regular cruises. It is mainly a sailing accommodation for the voyage.

Large cruise liners with a capacity of up to 200 passengers are more stable, and thus, the chance to get seasick is significantly lower, yet, you will not disembark every day, as there is a limit of 100 passengers per one time.

If you go for a huge cruise liner, with 500 passengers, you will mainly observe everything without a close hands-on exploration, as they are not allowed to stop. It may reduce the price, and the on-board entertainment will certainly be better than with the small liners, however, less practical.

3) Clothes

Layers, layers, layers – that’s the first thing to keep in mind. And don’t try to save money while equipping yourself with the right types of gear.

Consider also the size of your luggage, as there is typically a 20 kg limit, and the cabins are tiny. As a rule, the weather can make a U-turn instantly and you should always be prepared for it.

The highly preferable materials are fleece, silk, and wool, while cotton is not recommended as it gets wet quickly and will cool you down as well.

Among the essentials, there are:

  • Base layer, or underwear, which soaks in the sweat off your skin.
  • Middle layer, or insulating, retains the body’s warmth and protects it from the cold.
  • Outer layer, shell, which is weather-proof.

As for accessories: a neck warmer, waterproof mittens and/or gloves, wool socks, and a pair of beanies. The footwear is also quite specific, it has thick synthetic rubber soles, a solid layer of insulation, thick insulated insoles, and soft uppers.

4) Skin protection

Antarctica is cold, however, it is the highest continent on Earth, with a relatively thin layer of ozone. During sunny weather, the exposed areas of skin may get sunburns (something people rarely expect to get in such cold places). Therefore, take care of your skin with a protective sunscreen lotion.

5) Photography gear

Antarctica is a natural wonder, and the desire to take a shot will appear every time you turn your head in a new direction. Make sure you pack all the essentials so as not to miss the right moment:

  • The adaptors for charging,
  • Protect against the elements,
  • Spare batteries,
  • UV filters protect the front lens
  • Dry bags,
  • Spare memory cards.

This list looks so simple yet such basic things are often left out due to the pre-voyage rush.

Every new trip helps you open new assets of life around you. Antarctica certainly offers unique views, surroundings, and landscapes. It’s a trip to another world, one that is not spoilt by human civilization. Google the photos, check the schedules of the cruise departures, and book the journey of a lifetime.